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I proudly admit that I'm the guy who still listens to Outside, Outside Outtakes, Outside v.2, et all. So yeah, Marty. No.

Yeah, it's a damn shame he ceased to produce new music in the 80s. Oh well. He couldn't have kept it up, right?

And I hear he was good in the Prestige.

Huh, I thought it was 1981.

Nothing off of "Heroes"?

Ha, Marty hates Heroes.

Why you gotta sell me out like that? Just cause I don't know what Outside is.

It is actually pretty inconsistent. But man, the good stuff on it is REALLY good.

Whoa, Outside is pretty inconsistent? Or Heroes? Heroes, yeah, inconsistent. But Outside is carved out of gold and stained pants.

Heroes is what I was talking about. Is Outside one of his industrial ones?

Tucker, what the fuck is this Outside you keep talking about?

This is such a great idea I might just steal it.

It's from the portion of his career when he was dating Reznor.

The portion of whose career?

Tim, Go for it! And send me the link when you do it.

See! Proof that Tucker only likes obscure stuff and felt he had to justify Blondie as good even though it sold 20 million! I'm calling you out, Stone! ^_^

(I say this all in jest, btw. No hurt feelings, please!)

And two posts exploring the man who's legacy will always be providing the beat for Vanilla Ice???

(I'm still kidding!)

Great articles, though. I don't agree with your choices, but I always love reading what you have to say!

I do know why Tucker loves Outside - it was the result of a jam session with Bowie and Factual Opinion fave Brian Eno. Had David Byrne been involved, my bet is Tucker would have married it instead of Nina!

I not only liked Outside, I thought Heathen and Reality were both really good.

Also, man, David Bowie's wife is smokin'-ass hot.

The Secret Life of Arabia.

Great song. I would also throw up "Beauty and the Beast" and the title track for consideration.

Dear Iman's Mouth- You have got to be fucking kidding me.

A couple years ago, Iman came to my office for a meeting about selling her fragrance or cosmetics or something, and everybody just about shit themselves they were so excited. It was almost as big a deal as the time Potsie from Happy Days came by (I am totally not kidding about that).

The picture used above are from a campaign that my office did. I found the outtakes a while back in a pile of stuff that we were throwing out, so I hung onto them. If I only knew some big David Bowie fan to give them too!

To Tucker, and his photographs:


Wow, this is a great post! I come here for the comics talk but I stick around for the music criticism.

I gotta check out that album version of Cat People - love that song and am intrigued to hear what Stevie and Nile do with it. And what a weird, cool movie that was! Doesn't make a lick of sense, but it sure looks good. A lot of today's comics could learn from that movie - if you want to make dumb entertainment, make GOOD dumb entertainment! Ed Begley's arm!

I listen and always look for Outside's bootlegs, but it's too blur to know HOW MANY F*KIN TITLES weren't PUBLISHED. I bet there are AGAIN and AGAIN hidden titles and clips, as INSIDE OUTSIDE or OUTSIDE :( Some claim there are 70 hours of forgotten Outside music, but I bet this is FAKE.

I've already got 2 Outside materials, both are rare. I'm looking for 8.Outsiders, now!!! (I found 9.Outsiders and Something Really Fishy FOR NOW, and also a demo of THE MOTEL on Youtube)

If someone has unknown materials, PLEASE TELL ME :((


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