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I'm ashamed, because the only article I clicked through was the one on Jon & Kate, just out of curiosity about what the Economist said about them. The result, not unexpected, but I did like that they referred to the show as "an obscure American reality-TV programme". I wish that were true in the US as well as England. Hell, I just wish it were true in my house; why my wife likes to watch that fucking show, I have no idea.

Actually, I lied; I also clicked through on the Helen Mirren thing. That's more like it. I can claim to be interested in that, and appear cultured. That accomplished, I'll go home and watch Elmo with my daughter.

I sure hope this week's Captain America Reborn puff piece gets a top spot next time... remember your roots, man!

Only half way through my issue, but Charlemagne's piece on Europe's labor policy - flexicurity - the mess it caused and the mess it's going to cause in the future - is one of the best pieces I've ever read. Best ever as in it matches my opinion 100%. Funny how I qualify based on my personal opinions like that!

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