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"if I had given Libya money, I would expect a promise that I didn't have to put up Qaddafi for the night. Dude's a creep."

Hey don't worry, you won't have to pay for a hotel room! Everywhere the guy goes, he sleeps in a tent. Seriously.

He's truly the Boy Scout of world leaders.

Look, proof: http://www.theage.com.au/world/gaddafi-pitches-his-tent-in-rome-park-for-visit-20090610-c3m2.html

Oh god that's good

What the??? How the Hell do you already have this recapped??? I *just* got my issue on Tuesday night!!! Geez, I thought you were moving too quick for us mortals when you had this feature on Saturday every week, but Wednesday???? There went my dream of catching up to you so I could actually have worthwhile discourse with you over each issue's content!

Screw it, I'm backing this crazy train up. What did you think of the feature last week on the failure of GM? I thought they did a phenomenal job analyzing the history and actual bankruptcy, but I think any dreams of an explosion in the Chinese market for cars is silly. The bailout of GM is simply to cushion the blow of it going under. Now it will take 5 years instead of 5 weeks.

Holy shit, you're really trying to depress the fuck out of me this week. God damn. I definitely agree with you about the self-importance of twitterers and whoever about the whole Iran thing; not that I think anybody who mentions it is malicious or anything, I'm sure they've got good intentions, but changing the color on my avatar is such a meaningless action that it borders on insulting.

Why wasn't that Supreme Court case about the bribed judge a near-unanimous decision? Four justices didn't think anything was going on there? Ugh.

I can't comment on anything else; I'm too intimidated by all the fucked-up shit going on. God, this post is just a litany of horrors. I need more coffee.

While the Supreme Court ruling there was good, its kind of annoying and sad that FOUR of them didn't think bias was involved...

I haven't read it yet, but you can read the Supreme Court's transcript here:


Skip to the end for Scalia's dissent.

I think even the authors of the Babylonian Talmud that Scalia quotes would find $3 mill a heavy bill.

ashleigh kate moncrieff SNH says you rock

Kenny: sorry, i responded in my head. I think the GM report was strong, although it read as a mash-up of the last 3 months of GM articles. That's fine--I start reading about car companies, and they all run together, except for Fiat. (Due to sheer wackiness.)

On China--I pretty much think that if the Chinese government wants the Chinese people to buy cars, that's exactly what will happen. The price will be cut, or they'll insert some kind of subsidy, or...whatever they need too. The Chinese government has never had a problem determining how much of something its people will buy, and if it benefits China to buy cars, that's exactly what will happen. I think the Economist agrees with me on that, and where we differ is that I'm not so sure that's what the Chinese government wants quite yet--they aren't that interested in road maintenance, and after the way they've dealt with gasoline distribution in the last year, aren't that interested in dotting the countryside with more places to fill up the tank. The Party is the one to watch. How much money the individual makes--that's only become a determining factor in the Chinese economy very, very recently, and I don't think we know yet what all it's going to entail.

On GM's collapse--I don't know, I think that Ford might go first. Getting the support of the US government to shut down all GM's senior creditors was a massive stroke, and while it was illegal, it's given GM a lifeline. Ford didn't get the same protection, and that'll eviscerate them in the long run.

A.)The United States is rooting for Iran to have an open, transparent democracy.

B.) The United States was rooting for Cambodia to outlaw prostitution.

My conclusion: America should mind it's own business.

(Sorry, I just had to let off a short burst of charmless cynicism.)

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