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See what happens when skinny people talk about MoCCA?

They talk about the good time they had & the people they met.

How did you know I was skinny too? I'm probably the only person who went that hasn't bitched about the heat (although Tucker's concerns about health were pretty legitimate). Really, it didn't bother me that much, but I used to live in Texas, and I also used to work in a lumber mill, so an increase in temperature really isn't that big a deal to me. Whatever; people like to complain, I guess.

I guess from the fact that you talked about the books you bought & liked?

I can totally understand exhibitors who had to spend 10+ hours in there or Tucker's points about kids or the elderly. I mean, I'm fat & was sweating at NYCC in February!

but yeah, I work in a glass hot shop & have worked craft conventions where five figure pieces have broken & nobody holds up the gate for you.

Oh, man, Tucker, there you go blowing my "mild-mannered librarian" cover. Does this mean I have to give up my bun?

The past week's Economist was *really* good, so I'm excited to see what you have to say about it. I feel like they did about as good of a write up on why GM failed as anyone, although their analysis on what the future holds was the same daydreaming from people who don't have a clue how manufacturing works or how the Chinese economy is working. (The Economist falls into the same trap everyone seems to these days - China is a growing market with the potential for future explosive growth. I want to know how a populace that makes on average $50/month is going to be able to buy cars.)

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