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I'm at the combination Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Donuts. Where are you?

Yo, I'm at the combination Roy Rogers/Nathan's. Where you is?


Marty, I'm going to disagree with you about everything in your Jay-Z review. Jay-Z is the ultimate commercial ringtone rap - the song is so hypocritical I can't stand it. I'm still anxiously awaiting Blueprint 3 because it's supposed to be chock full of Kanye West & No ID beats. (Although, I'd *much* rather have No ID back producing for Common Sense!)

As for Mos Def - I do not like the new album. It's not as bad as Tru3 Magic, but nothing ever can be - that was the worst thing ever made. The Ecstatic is slightly less lazy than Tru3 Magic, but not by much. Mos needs to stick to acting if he's just going to phone it in all the time.

I've never heard of Dirty Projecters, but if they're as pretentious as Vampire Weekend, I think I'm better off.

Quik & Kurrupt - it feels like it's about 15 years too late to care, which is a shame. Quik squandered sooooooo much talent....

Well, I'm out of songs.... Doom's newest is *phenomenal*. Street Sweeper Social Club - I'm not sure if it's disappointing, or if I was just hoping for too much. Major Lazers is fun!!! And the new George Harrison remaster sounds sooooooo much better than that remastered All Things Must Pass that's out there.

I enjoy your column as always!

I'm in the dumpster behind TGI Fridays, pick me up. Honk twice!

I'm okay with D.O.A. because it led to this: http://2dopeboyz.okayplayer.com/2009/06/17/royce-da-59-doa-redemption/

Mos Def-wise... Ecstatic is his best since B.O.B.S. It's just a ridiculously well put-together record, and one that's off the beaten path enough to be pretty memorable. I'm pretty sure I listened to it for three or four days straight when it leaked, and then bought it as soon as I had a chance on Amazon.

I keep meaning to check out that BlaQKout record. Quik has a habit of dropping either coasters or bangers, with very little in-between, and Kurupt is an underratd lyricist.

Kinda funny that it's one of like three albums named some variation of "Blackout" in a two month period, though.

Move over Hurley, those old fries look like they're still good.

wow that Dirty Projectors stuff sounds pretty interesting. Always dismissed them as overproduced nonsense covering up mediocre songwriting. My bad. I wonder how the rest of the album is.

I'm at the combination A&W/DunkinDonuts.

I am completely stuck on "9x Outta 10" now, Marty. It's like Premier decided to make the Clipse look bad and kick ass while doing it.

Weirdly phrased that - I mean that Quik was doing Premier-level job at it.

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