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Teacher says I'm punching books at an eigth grade level.

They gonna hold me back a year. Gave me a circle of paper.

Oh shit, that made me laugh.

Tucker, you so cray-zay!

You know, before I saw a picture of you online I could pretend that you were as you appeared in my imagination - some 50-something granite faced tobacco-stained asshole. I wish I could have that back.

Man, how much would you need to smoke to get a tobacco stained asshole? Lots, I betcha.
Is that actually The Tucker Man? He so young. Me feel so old. Thanks for that.
I quite like Steve Gerber's stuff, but this has been fantastic and I can't argue with it really. Do it again soon!

I love a twist ending.

I made the mistake of purchasing volume 2 before reading volume one.

I'm not sure if I should attempt to read it or send it to Tucker so he can rap about it then chuck it.

That was hilarious.

Should have stayed with the Humanoids books, man.

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

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