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I couldn't tell if you liked the Aqua Teen episode or not. I THINK you did, but I'm not positive.

I thought it was the best of a crappy season, personally.

My wife likes Lie to Me, although I'm not sure why; I think she likes the way they describe the emotions that they read in people's expressions. And that's kind of interesting the first couple times, but after about two episodes that I only half-watched, I got pretty tired of "well, you said this, but the way your eyes squinted and your mouth creased at the edges indicates suspiciousness, you lying bastard". It doesn't seem like a bad procedural though, if you're into that sort of thing. The other bit that bothers me (and Sarah, for that matter) is the way each episode has to have a supposedly intense, emotional scene in which somebody confesses their guilt, or explains why they lied, or just hams it up in general because the show has hit the 40 minute mark and it's time to wrap things up. It's not limited to this show either; Castle does it too, and I'm sure it's a staple of these things. It's damn tiresome though, an obvious attempt to wring drama out of the situation. It's probably why I get tired of these things so quickly. Eh, I need to watch Breaking Bad or something, that will satisfy my needs. To Netflix!

The classic thing with procedurals--gotta have those big wrenching scenes for the guest stars.

I was listening to Felicity Huffman talk once, and she said tv acting breaks down like this: if you're a guy, get ready to have a lot of fun doing all kinds of different scenes. If you're a girl, learn to cry on cue or choose a different profession. Because that's all 1-hour dramas have to offer.

Yeah, I watched a couple more episodes after the initial two, and I may have underrated Lie to Me. It's definitely got all the procedural tropes, but maybe just a little bit smarter than most of them. In retrospect, it's pretty amazing how well Law & Order consistently subverted expectations and formula in its first 7 or 8 years--before CSI came along and it started to bend toward more sensationalistic stuff.

Anyway, my favorite part of Lie to Me so far is when they have a still frame of one of the characters smirking and--for no apparent reason--place it in between pictures of Dick Cheney and Joe Biden.

Lie to Me was scheduled opposite Life, so I only managed to catch an episode here and there, and I wasn't that impressed. Considering that the premise allowed for a lot more flexibility in plots and structure, it was kind of sad that they did a lot of murder mysteries and followed the typical procedural structure. Then again, that was just in the episodes I saw, so it could have gotten better...

Marty: my wife likes that too, especially when they point out how a character is making a face that shows they're lying, then cut to, say, OJ Simpson making the same face. At least, that's the intent; maybe they ran out of all the famous liars and are doing approximations now, so it's harder to tell.

Chris - I did, but I realized what they were doing. It's kind of them telling you "you're an asshole for liking this" in a really brilliant way.

Lie to Me dropped off my radar after the pilot, and I don't really have a good excuse why. Let's look in the excuse bag...hmmm..oh...I share DVR time with my wife and it conflicted with blahbittyblah...

Anyway, I thought the show had a lot of potential if it dealt with morality. Not in the Law and Order way where it was all on the viewer, but within the character/s. As in, "What if there was this superhero who could tell if anyone was lying? How would this affect his sense of morality? How would he make the world better/worse?" To which I would answer, "How come you couldn't get Heroes to go there, asshats?"

Anyway, yes I might pick this one up next year now that Life is gone ...(sniff).

"I think this episode is about writing Aqua Teen Hunger Force."

It really, really is. I was kind of really disappointed that the series didn't end with that episode - it was more or less perfect.

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