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During the episodes of Kitchen Nightmares on the Fox website, they sometimes show ads for the Hell's Kitchen video game, and all it is is pixelated Gordan Ramsay looking into the camera and screaming "You're a donkey!"

Yeah, they used to run commercials during Hell's Kitchen where he'd say "try HARDER", a statement which found its way into my bedroom.

Really? No love for Burn Notice? I admit it isn't the greatest show in the world, but I enjoy the uber-competent protagonist and how he deals with various plots, many of which are genre stock.

I came for Bruce Campbell, but I stated for the fun synthesis of all those 80s shows we fondly remember: the PI stylings of Magnum or the Equalizer, the dynamics of the A-Team, the doodaddery of MacGyver, and the locale of Miami Vice.

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