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Don't worry, Nina, I like True Blood a lot too. Its soap operatics do get out of hand from time to time, but I like that sort of thing.

I thought the US team never had a chance against Brazil, but wow did they ever come close! And I'm still amazed they topped Spain. This is why I love watching sports, for the moments when David beats Goliath. It's the beauty of watching a real time event unfold without any of the horrors of the news. Speaking of which, you should add Iranian state TV to your fictional TV recap!

Whoa, a quad cities reference. I don't even know the SNL skit you're talking about, but my wife's grandmother lives in Moline, so we go visit there several times a year. I'll keep an eye out for Punisher-whores.

The Bull-Man monster 1st appearance on True Blood = the coolest moment on T.V. so far this year.

That Red Riding? It'll pull your soul through your nose and wash its hands in your face. Awesome TV. I lived in The North at the time the series was set. And I loved Red Riding. (David Peace's other books are cracking stuff too)
"To The North! Where we do what we want!" Red Riding, aw yeah!


Submitted without comment. (OK, submitted with one comment: lol.)

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