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Marty - you've got to check out the BBC version of Kitchen Nightmares. It's the same format but he does his own voiceover, and it's a lot less like Home Makeover - it's about training the owners to run a proper business. He doesn't lose his shit as often, but it's a lot more genuine.

Everybody's still a donkey though.

That one NJ housewife has a hairline lower than Yaphet Kotto.

Yeah, I've heard the British KN is much better; the Fox version is kind of obnoxiously edited with some stupid music. I watched a couple episodes last summer, and one in particular was pretty hilarious, with this guy who had some notion that his complicated menu was some bit of genius. He and Ramsay were just screaming at each other; it was awesome. I think there was at least one episode in New York, where the kitchen was all nasty, with a leaky freezer containing some incredibly gross spoiled food. Good times; now I want to try to watch this show again.

By the way, I used to live in La Grange. Never heard of the restaurant though, but that doesn't mean anything.

Hey, you forgot to credit Nina at the bottom of the article. Tucker might have to take my place on the couch tonight.

There are few things that make me happier than a Yaphet Kotto reference.

That aside, I can secretly see myself watching all of the Kitchen Nightmare episodes on Fox's website in one weekend binge. Although, now I'm really interested in the British version, too.

I don't know how Gordon Ramsay does it. If one episode takes 4 days to film, not counting travel time, and he's doing two series', plus Hell's Kitchen, plus running how many restaurants. That's a lot of shit.

I've only seen a few of the American episodes of Kitchen Nightmares, but the Brit version is fantastic. Very little of that "we've re-done your entire dining room and bought you a new freezer" stuff, the disgusting kitchens are somewhat more realistic, and you get a chance to watch Ramsay teach chefs, which is something that Hell's Kitchen doesn't even attempt.

The New York episodes in the first season of the US Kitchen Nightmares is just a horrorshow of gross kitchens, but the show is just horribly edited--there's probably a solid 30 minute episode being dragged out to the full hour, and it shows.

So glad to see this get reviewed on TFO! I too have recently started watching the UK version (after binging thru all the US episodes on Hulu) and have to agree that it's got some definite selling points. The unedited swearing really allows you to appreciate Gordon's creativity with foul language, and seeing him actually mentor the chefs a lot more is really heartwarming - much less yelling, but maybe it's because that's what American audiences want.

I think you've hit it on the head Marty with the fascination of seeing negligent workers get called out on it. Its such an act of everyday heroism to see someone come in and finally point at the dude who is slacking and say 'wtf?!' - so empowering for the powerless people around them.

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