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"Blue Beetle/Young Liars/Captain Britain/Agents of Atlas"

I've only read Blue Beetle and Young Liars, but I thought both were tremendously awful. They seemed like they'd look good compared to, say, Mighty Avengers, but they were both awful. On the other hand, I believe David Brothers enjoyed those books and he usually has good taste. So, in conclusion, I'm confused.

Different strokes for different folks, basically, Kenny.

"This ain't made in a vacuum, playboy"-- truer words, etc.

Watch out for Nic Cage coming to your house all wild-eyed, wrapping on the walls and looking for clues because you sir, are a national treasure.

"The black guy. Sixteen people to choose from, and he picks the black guy."

Not only that -- the guy who gets turned into an egg is the team's first (and, as far as I know), only queer member!

(Altho, granted, Geoff Johns -- a writer I actually like, but who I find to be not only the most anal retentive/obsessive compulsive out there but also markedly conservatively fucked up/totally inhibited when it comes to gender, sexuality and orientation -- had already basically turned the character into an object. He inducts the first queer into the JSA and then promptly turns him into their headquarters' inhuman "security system"!)


"Its a typically American idea that white stars on a blue field must belong to one country..." oh come ON

What does this ass stand for, France?

Young Liars was just weird and incomprehensible enough to be fun, but I didn't know anyone was mourning its demise. I mean, shit, maybe Lapham will rethink the logistics of doing Stray Bullets.

bad wolf: The night sky itself, supposedly. Though really, can you blame anyone for assuming Wonder Woman's costume is based on the American flag when it's that particular shade of blue, that particular shape of star, in that particular pattern, and while she's also wearing red-and-white striped boots and a occasionally a big golden eagle on her chest?

Finally you're acknowledging the genius of Geoff Johns

What's going on on that New Avengers cover? Everybody died, and now somebody's having a corpse bonfire? Fun! Stuart Immonen could draw the fuck out of that, I bet.

Wonder Woman danced with a polar bear? What the fuck? That almost seems like something I gotta see. It's not though.

As unlikely as this seems, you might have sold me on Wolverine Noir. To the bargain bin!

I take it you didn't like Speak of the Devil? Because that was some fucked-up shit. Non-canonical? Possibly. Batshit crazy? Hell yes!

Nah, I got zero problems with Speak of the Devil. I dug that comic. I think I might end up liking Citizen Rex more though, because it reminds me of Judge Dredd.

Wolverine Noir probably could've been tightened up a bit, but it's another one of those surprise chance comics that makes it worth picking at random.

I just wanted to say I was not trying to insult David. I genuinely do think he knows his stuff and has good taste.

God bless someone for pointing out the saccharine asininity of Gail Simone's writing.

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