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Cry for Justice doesn't get five stars in a vacuum, you know.

I hope the next issue of Greek Street features A. Killies pedalling his rickshaw around the block with, um, Hector tied to the back like Angel in the Wild Bunch.

Then, wait, issues #3-25 can be a retelling of Oedipus at Colonus. Eddie: "I don't want to be buried here, dogg" Theo: "Yo, we want your ass on our turf, cause we be bangin' yo." Creo: "Word, home snake, but my boy needs to be all up in my crib, chillin' and dyin' like."

Shit, I cannot wait for that.

I think "capschlong" is my new favourite word.

Could have been meaner.

Way meaner.

Stray comments: I still can't figure out Captain America's glowing crotch.

Didn't Peter Milligan write Robin for a while? I shouldn't care.

Now I need to read Greek Street, and feel smart. Then I'll read this again and cry because Tucker was mean to me.

That bit in Destroyer with the eyeball was funny. I assume that's the source of "GROSS".

By the way, that Cry for Justice-fest over at Savage Critics is hilarious. I don't know if it was just chance that made everyone want to weigh in, but it cracked me up. I'm waiting for Jog to show up and do a one line review saying "this made me cry, so there's no justice" or something stupid like that.

Oh, and Destroyer? The old one? The main thing was okay, even though the Holocaust punchline was stupid (but we did learn the secret origin of his stripey pants!). The backup reprint was where it's at though. That thing was awesome, the kind of hilarious, non-stop action that you hear about Golden Age comics being but instead get stuck with stupidity like Captain America playing baseball. Destroyer fights a dragon on the title page, but it turns out to be metaphorical! It's actually a German mad scientist named Doktor Dragon. He's got a scheme to invade England by digging a tunnel! That's dumb! But Destroyer shows up and derails their trains! Then a guy attacks him, giving him the chance to say "I hear something behind...what th-!" Then he steal a Nazi truck and punches some guys by hanging his arm out the window! Then he goes home and shaves, only to have some soldiers come by the house, so he says "Oooh! Visitors! How I like Nazi officers! Come in!...Oops! Pardon my fist!" Another dude comes in with a whip, but he tears off his clothes between panels to reveal that he's the Destroyer and gives him the old sock to the jaw. Then he goes to a plane factory, and "contrary to the laws of gravity, the figure of [a] guard suddenly seems to fly upward!" That doesn't really make sense, but what the hell, he steals a plane and flies to England, blowing up the airport as he leaves, just for kicks. But it's a Nazi plane, so the British take him prisoner, planning to trade him for some chick named Florence Von Banger (I hardly know her!). That's Destroyer's fiancee, so he escapes from prison via a convenient dangling rope, then swims to Germany. He heads to a concentration camp where Doktor Dragon is torturing Florence, rescuing her and "disposing" of the Doktor between panels, then Florence leaps a barb wire fence while he punches out a bunch of dudes. Then he tells her to hide, which she does for the rest of the story, never to be seen again, while he goes to blow up the tunnel! But he didn't dispose of Doktor Dragon very well, because the bastard sneaks up behind him and clocks him on the head with his cane. That's apparently Destroyer's secret weakness; he took away all the soldiers' guns, but a monocled guy can take him out with a cane. Ah, but the stupid Doktor takes him to the tunnel control room and ties him up, but "What luck! My bonds are loose!" Stupid Doktor. He get's Destroyer's "special treatment" of a BOP to the face while being mocked by shouting "Still feel safe?" I don't know why he would ask that; is it prescient commentary about people sacrificing freedoms for supposed greater security? Whatever the case, Dragon wired the tunnel with dynamite for some reason, so Destroyer blows the fuck out of it in a two-page spread of Nazi soldiers flying all over the place and drowning. Ha ha, large-scale death is awesome. All the asshole Nazis die in the flooded tunnel, but Doktor Dragon is still around to point a gun at the back of Destroyer's head! You know that won't work though; only canes can take him out. So Destroyer takes out the Doktor and two more Nazi goons with one punch, then drags Dragon back to England while calling him "Sweetheart", and he apparently doesn't have any problems this time, even though he's taking another Nazi plane, because it's the last page! Yeah! Awesome!

Hell yeah, 12 pages of pure, silly mayhem. That's what comics should be all about.

Oh yeah, I meant to lead off my comment with "Afternoon de-liii-hite!"

Sorry to pull a train on you Tucker, but this could have been sitting on the floor of the shower, knees to chin, Lifetime movie-meaner.

Now it's like OZ, and you just got the gums transplant.

I love you for reviewing the back-up feature.

I was hoping to get a "i'm an offended Jewish woman" comment out of Nina when I showed her the last page, but it took too fucking long to convince her that what she was looking at was supposed to be a drawing of Holocaust victims. (First she said "Mutants? They're mutants, right?") And then her only comment was "why are they all wearing those silly pants?"

For those of us weaned on superhero comics in the 1970s, Justice League: Cry for Justice #1 is the best thing to hit the spinner racks, er, comic book shops since any Gerry Conway-edited DC comic published in 1975 and 1976. Nostalgia nothing, this is now, baby!

Agents of Atlas-Namor is a handsome gentleman.

You know, I don't think you're taking comics seriously anymore...

Seriously Jim? One of the few comics I actually have a long-standing memory of is JLA, and I gotta say, there's been a lot brighter spots between now and the time you're referring to.

Grant Morrison(changed the genre)and Howard Porter(sometimes didn't get in the way)!

I was being sarcastic.

Actually, let me clarify my sarcasm a bit. I was weaned on superhero comics from the 1970s. Justice League: Cry for Justice, whether intentionally or not, reminds me of the comics from that era, notably the Gerry Conway edited books and his work on JLA. I'm a conditioned pre-Alan Moore kind of comics guy who still lives quite comfortably in the post-Moore modern world of comics, and simply does not have a problem with Cry for Justice. Sure, it's flawed, but so was Secret Society of Super-Villains. Yet I still get a big kick out of rereading those comics today. In-between The Walking Dead, Scalped and The Unwritten, of course. And by the way, are you going to the San Diego Comic Con this year?

I banned Tucker from California. If he ever shows up, we're duelin' at dawn.

Can he go to the Comic Con first?

Sorry J, even if it wasn't for the Brothers Ban, not this year. I try only to do long flights when there's a high likelihood that I'll need to stamp my passport at the other end. More out of self-preservation than snobbery--Nina has already figured out that comic cons aren't very fun vacations.

See, you need to take her to yaoi-con.

Y-con is local to me and reportedly hilarious. Apparently it is girls dressed like boys kissing girls dressed like boys while boys dressed like girls look on in confusion.

I approve.

Tucker! I cannot WAIT to read what you think of Wednesday Comics!

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