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I must be the only person alive who absolutely LOVED Batman's "You a bitch and you suck my cock like a virgin" exchange with Superman in Wednesday Comics.

And as to Blackest Night: Just because it's exactly what we all expected doesn't make it any more acceptable.

You've really read a lot of comics this week.


...good post.

Kupperman did a Marvel comic?? For reals?? Oh wow. Well, it looks like a trip to the comic store is in order for me!

I did happen to flip through a copy of Wednesday Comics and it was just soooooo dark. Not dark theme wise, but dark lighting wise. And it just felt soooooooo crappy. I'm not a DC hater so much as I am unbelievably jaded about comics from both Marvel and DC, so I'm not exactly the best guy to talk about this. But yeah - I don't care how pretty the Hawkman story looks - and I love Baker - I'm not dropping $4 for it. Two issues of Wednesday comics = 1 manga digest. (For me. A lot of people don't like manga, though, so yeah, for them, go for Wednesday Comics!)

I got last week's Wednesday's Comics this week and the Kyle Baker Hawkman IS awesome, but did anyone else notice the pilot's cap was like 5 sizes too big for his head. He looked like a Fat Albert character! Otherwise Baker is totally channeling Foster and Raymond which is all sorts of awesome for those of us that have liked or even loved his comedic stuff but wanted to see him draw "serious" again. Though calling a comic told from the point of view of birds "serious" is hard to do.

Also, Joe Kubert is at the top of his game. Seriously, his art is getting better at 80+ years when most guys start mailing it in when they hit 50 (looking at you John Byrne).

Stop looking at John Byrne! You'll give the poor man a complex.

Joe Kubert is just incredible is he not? However, I long ago lost any critical objectivity regarding his work so I could be wrong. Kubert Snr - still bringing The Awesome at 80+.

I realise Wednesday Comics is expensive and probably more nostalgic than innovative but...but I just can't help loving the damn thing. Kiss me like you mean it, Wednesday Comics!

I'm glad you didn't diss Gene "The Dean" Colan because otherwise I would have had to go all CAPS LOCK on your ass. Which is really embarassing behaviour at my age. It is sad that Brubaker's run on Cap has become such an obvious exercise in, well executed I admit, water treading. Ah well, Gene "The Dean"! You can kiss me too!

Nice work as per usual, Sir, natch.

"At some point, some really amazing historian is going to write a flawless volume of scholarship detailing what a horrible bunch of people American white men were at the height of the Space Race, and, true or false, that book is going to be like a breath of fresh air, because if there's one thing that's goddamn tiring it's watching a gaggle of Buzz Lightyears grin their way around the skies like a bunch of fucking mental patients."

That sentence was amazing. Bravo.

I gave this installment of Deadman a pass, because I'm sure it's just a beat. Really REALLY like the idea of Deadman as Chandler-lite detective, I've never ever liked him until now. It's sort of like that "if you're planning a crime on a plane, watch out for fucking HAWKMAN" thing...ahhh, Hawkman, the Aquaman of the skies. Seriously, it's that business of "these things are actually quite easy not to fuck up" again. Deadman -- solves crimes after he's dead, motherfucker! He's the Marlowe of the afterlife. I mean what else is required.

And on Pope's Adventures: c'mon, Tucker, let's give some credit to the fun lettering, eh? But yeah: it really doesn't go any farther than that, and anyway that lettering is PART of the art, it isn't really "lettering", it's drawing.

Finally, may I say that I greatly admire your take on the Wonder Woman strip. There are so many ways in which it doesn't deserve me complaining about the things that sometimes don't work in it. I've actually never cared about Wonder Woman more. I don't expect ever to care about Wonder Woman more. And yet.

Fuck it, I'm just going to start saying it's fully awesome in every way no shut up you comics-hater rot in hell can't hear you. Jesus, what else am I supposed to do? It's an impossible situation.

Guaranteed will only ever read Blackest Night if it comes on TV one night at three a.m., and even then I may switch over to the channel with the Shamwow guy on it. "You're throwing your money away!" Indeed. Have you never seen the secret name "Ixat" blazing in the night? Even a Dini-written Batman...nope. I'm a case study. The last five years have made me a very fucking picky comics reader -- let alone buyer! -- and yet I'm still spending a couple hundred bucks a month.

There's a lesson in that, somewhere.

But finally I just wanted to mention something about Wednesday Comics #1 that every non-comics person I give it to remarks on right away, but that seems to've gone unrecognized on the comics blogging sites: that when you open the thing up, BAM! the first thing you see is a pair of eyes staring directly back at you at eye-level, with the Bat-signal reflected in them, just as you realize what you're looking at and go "wow, COOL...!" So it's a double-whammy. And Risso is bringing some fearsome intelligence to this strip. This time it's the statue with the gun, I reckon...

But seriously, every single non-comics person I showed that to. "Hey, that's really neat, the way this is designed...!"

Jesus, where is the Virgin Read on this?

You nailed why I'm having so much trouble getting into Incognito. It really is sub-Sleeper 2.0

I don't have much to add here other than to say that you're fucking ON this week, so instead I'll help with your apparent Google-baiting use of the word BOOBS with this paraphrased-from-memory quote from Nathan Rabin's The Big Rewind. In the scene in question, Nathan is meeting his estranged mother and her secret family for the first time, and is surprised to encounter his half-sister at a party wearing a see-through shirt.

"See-through shirts send one message, and that is 'Hey, world, check out my tits! Aren't they awesome?' Normally that's a message that I can get behind, but in this context, it was a bit offputting."

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