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I rather liked Ararat, too. But it's manditory for Canadians who ever took a film class to enjoy Atom Egoyan's films, I think.

A recent Newsweek had a George Will editorial about that Supreme Court ruling on the Voting Rights Act; apparently they ruled 8-1 (Clarence Thomas opposed, natch) to keep the rules. Will complained about it, saying "what, is it still 1972 up in this bitch?" Actually, it seemed like he made a decent argument, but fuck if I know anything about this stuff.

Hey, I congratulated myself for guessing that you were talking about Angela Merkel, but then I looked back and realized that you mentioned Germany, so I'm taking half of my points away for that one.

There was really an article about British people not liking to be reminded about the bad teeth stereotype? This magazine is hilarious. I love that stuff like that is mixed in with impenetrable financial talk and global news. Of course, they've also mentioned Captain America and Jon & Kate recently...

And finally, it's "toe the line". TOE! Nobody's towing lines around all over the place; that makes no sense. Sorry, pet peeve.

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