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Juno is a direct sequel to The Kingdom.

Both Juno and The Kingdom would have been about 8 billion times better if they swapped their final lines.

Not kidding either, and it improves Juno immensely if Garner is dealing with PTSD instead of being womb-crazy.

Also if she had stabbed someone in the crotch with a knife after biting their ear. Was she as bad at fight choreography in Alias?

I've obviously been domesticated, because the only one of these that I've seen is Definitely, Maybe. My excuse is that it was on a plane. I didn't think it was all that bad though, so there's more evidence of my having lived with a woman for a few years.

God, the Kingdom looked stupid. What was the final line, so I can imagine it in Juno? And is Chris Cooper Canadian or something? Also, you can add Talledega Nights to the list of Sacha Baron Cohen's roles as screeching fools, if you want to.

Juno as a sequel works perfectly, although it would have been great if Bateman suffered his own PTSD by hacking off Cera's head at the end.

Matt, I also enjoyed Definitely, Maybe. I think you and I should be proud of that!

As for The Kingdom, I remember seeing an interview with Jamie Foxx about it. He was saying while winning the Oscar all kinds of awesome, it kinda screwed him, because he's not an A List actor and he's a one trick pony at leading roles in dramas. It was by far the most self aware thing I've ever heard from an actor, if not ever, so I've liked him ever since. It hasn't given me any desire to see the movie, though.

And I liked Bruno. I didn't think Cohen was trying to make a point, I felt he was just trying to be silly, and I like silly.

Share your disappointment on Bruno, and you articulated it pretty well. Are you a Christopher Morris fan? Because when I ran into "Brass Eye" and "The Day Today" I couldn't help but think, oh, that's what Cohen is pretending to do. Though he was pretty good in that Nascar movie.

I've seen clips of Morris, but it's always been a "get to this eventually" thing. Thanks for the comment-after watching some bits last night, I'm definitely going to be checking it out soon.

Oh, and Matt: the final line in Kingdom is Jamie Foxx saying "Don't worry, we'll kill 'em all", and it's crosscut with the grandson of the horrible terrorist they just killed telling his mother the Exact Same Thing, because...I still don't really know.


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