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Streets - I'd have picked "Blinded By the Lights", just because it's so insanely close to "Warning" for pure storytelling.

AC Newman - dead on, it's the his best song.

Snoop - what gets me is that Pharell clearly heard Medulla and saw it as a toolbox.

I can't wait for that albums list.

Man, I could MAYBE do a top 20 songs of the new millennium. This is way ambitious and I can't wait to see what the #1 pick is!

Ah, thank you Martin. How kind!

Here's a question, and I'm not trying to be sarcastic, just curious - how will you handle people who are in multiple groups? (Like Damon Alburn or someone like that.)

How perfect to start off with M83, a group you guys introduced me to! Kim & Jessie is still my jam!

"The Schema was Rhodri Marsden of Scritti Politti’s experiment..."

For real??? I need to hear this! I *really* like Scritti Politti, but I've never followed up on the solo projects...which is something I'm 100% ashamed of.

I could not in good conscience put "Miracle Drug" above "Use It," but I am grateful for your list anyway. I would also have "Hide and Seek" higher if I were a listin' sort of man. Can't wait for the next round!

Cowse? I see what you did there.

You know that Bent song.. she's covering an Elvis song - I only know that because it's one of the ones that Elvis impersonator in my Uncle's show does. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oj8d9rp9to

This is a great list and I will follow the shit out of it! I enjoyed alla these!

neat-o list. I am such an album oriented person, it's always interesting to see these.

Sean - Yeah, that entire Streets album is ripe with good choices, and I might have repped "Blinded" or "Fit But You Know It" or "Could Be Well In" in the couple of years after it came out, but lately, I've felt like "Empty Cans" captures something that few other songs ever do - epiphany.

Chris - I'm excited you're excited, man. Hopefully you'll find some good new stuff along the way.

Rhodri - Well, thanks for making one of my favorite songs! If I'd known you'd stop by, I would have been more lavish in my praise.

Kenny - Basically, I decide on a case by case basis. Generally, if the artist in question is the most defining aspect of both songs, I'll choose the best one--like, if it were between Madvillain and an MF Doom solo joint, I would only go with one. On the other hand, if each song has more going for it than just the artist--like, say, Gorillaz "Feel Good Inc." and Blur's "Out of Time"--both would be elligible.

Rendon - You, my friend, have got a serious weak spot for Twin Cinema. And I dig that about you.

Zeb 1 - I may or may not have known that at one point, but it's amazing that that fact doesn't come up more on, like, Allmusic or Wikipedia. Also, I think I had more fun coming up with fake country/electronica genre names than anything else.

Zeb 2 - Awesome, man. Perhaps you'll find some stuff you wouldn't have come across otherwise!

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