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That Bert and Ernie thing is one of those "why we have the internet" memes that really never will get old.

I'm really surprised the last two aren't higher, this is gonna be a hell of a list.

On "Astounded" - I remember watching an interview with the main Bran Van guy and he said that the Curtis stuff wasn't newly recorded. He had talked to them about working in the future, but that song is the result of letting them rummage through his attic where they found like 30 demos of "Move on Up" and they used one to write "Astounded" (I might be getting this wrong, as it was 8 years ago).

Ante Up is like Grindin-- one of those songs that never gets old.

I almost prefer the remix, though. It's not that it's technically better or anything. It's just that it was probably the last truly great Busta Rhymes song.

Sean - Man, I hope so. I think it's pretty rockin, but you can't account for taste. There's a 65% chance there will be a "WHat? ______ above Grinderman?" next week.

Re: Bran Van 3000. You know, it serves me right for doing my research on the internet. I'd seen both explanations, but chose to believe the more romantic one. Curtis Mayfield is too new an obsession for me to not straight-out recognize "Move On Up," shamefully. (Though I'm sure I put two-and-two together at one point, and then forgot.)

David - I will still rep for the awesomeness of "Don't Touch Me (Throw the Water on 'Em)," even though few others seem to share my enthusiasm *cough* Tucker *cough*

Man, I am so out of the loop when it comes to songs from this century. I've only heard three so far-the Grinderman one that my indie friend showed me, that Snoop Dog one that was inescapable because I was in middle school at the time, and the Theophilous London one-because you guys had covered it before.

There are some really specific songs I'm hoping come up later on. I'll have to check some of this other business out for sure, though.

It's probably due to my listening to music in the car, but I never noticed the typewriter before. It makes total sense though as I see the song as a kind of gonzo essay. And I always assumed "I must above all things love myself" repeated over and over was a mantra as he...ahem...relieved his "blues."

And thanks for clearing up the Res tip for me. I'm just glad no one snatched up a "How I Do" track for a beer ad.

"these guys are repping for petty theft with the squealy joy of an 11-year-old girl repping for My Little Pony"

YES!!! Best analogy ever!! That song is still so freaking tough even today! Although I agree with David, the remix is better because it's the last great Busta appearance.

I never realized it was Santogold behind Res!! I had met both women years ago and Res gave me a copy of her album. I ended up turning a lot of my friends on to it. I never understood how she didn't become huge.

The Bran Van 3000 thing was new to me, but I'll have to check it out because Curtis Mayfield was awesome!

And yeah, Madlib is the bestest! I was just spinning some old Lootpack the other day.... Shades of Blue is one of my favorite albums, too! He and DOOM really are the two best people to ever work with each other.

Bran Van and Madlib on the list? Props, sir, props.

Madlib the Bad Kid!

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