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I was gonna argue w/ "Cry Me a River" as Timberlake's best but listening to it again, you're onto something. But "All that Jizz" > "A.D.I.D.A.S." if only for being blatantly honest.

Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake AND the Dirty Projectors.

Whoof. That is...quite the pill to swallow.

I wish I liked Ryan Leslie's solo album. I keep trying to listen to it, and it keeps annoying the crap out of me.

Otherwise, the only things on this I've heard are Britney and Justin Timberlake. Those are both great, though.

I just had a revelation: if Hey Ya is #1 I will find where you live and kick you in the nads.

Also, if Crazy is anywhere near the top 20.

If Hey Ya is # 1, I'll email you his address and hopstop directions.


No.1 has to be "I'm a Flirt".

"I just had a revelation: if Hey Ya is #1 I will find where you live and kick you in the nads."

Says the guy whose favorite album of the decade is Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

Wilco vs Outkast: Will the music community EVER decide a victor?

As far as I'm concerned, the top four tracks of the year are Disintegration Loops 1-4, and the other six are blank, to get you ready for the Disintegration Loops.

I sometimes reflect on the idea of diversifying my knowledge of this decade's music beyond DFA, MF Doom, Sean P!, and the People Under the Stairs.*

*No I don't.

"As far as I'm concerned, the top four tracks of the year are Disintegration Loops 1-4, and the other six are blank, to get you ready for the Disintegration Loops."

Oh, come on. That's just something for you to say at parties. Remember, you're talking to a guy who has seen exactly how many play counts "Crazy in Love" has on your iTunes.

It's our wedding song! and I share my iTunes play counts with my wife!

Just keep telling yourself that.

Tucker, your wedding song was "Crazy in Love?" Geez man, were you pandering to a bunch of 15 year old girls so you'd have a groupie harem ready when things began to get old with the wife? ^_^ All joking aside, I feel that much cooler for having The Beatles's "I Will" at ours!

The Dirty Projectors "Stillness..." story never gets old. I also believe it 100% because it's awesome.

DFA 1979 will always hold a special place in my heart for the "Deception" remix. That song can be mixed with *anything*.

I've never heard "Toxic," but "Cry Me a River" is one of the most singable songs ever. Although, I liked Scott Storch better when he was writing for the Roots. And generally speaking, The Neptunes are always better than Timberland!

Oh fuck, I only have a few months to drop my William Basinski/Crazy in Love mash-up and rule the decade...thank you Factual, for putting my priorities in order.

I'll defend Wilco - in fact, I believe I did to the tune of some 3,000 words, bee-yotch. I've seen your taste in music, Martin Brown, and I wouldn't trust you not to drown in a rainstorm while looking up at the clouds.

Incidentally, if me and the one-day Missus have a wedding song it will be "Oh Jim" by Lou Reed - I'm not joking, she will probably insist on it. It's her go-to kareoke song, too. Barring that, "Avalon", because it somehow manages to be both the best and the worst song ever recorded.

Dude, I wouldn't defend writing 3000 words on something you probably could have communicated in 250. Nobody wants to read that shit--especially when you're just recycling other people's points. (Really? Wilco is like Radiohead? Garsh.) You probably could have been less of a condescending prick about it, what with the "I listen to music differently than you do," "I think about music differently than you do," but, in your defense, it looks like you just can't turn that off.

Still, I'm not sure why you keep pissing in my comments section. If my taste is so beneath you, why do you keep checking in? I mean, I can understand why you wouldn't like "Crazy" and "Hey Ya!" since, from what I've seen, you're a completely joyless person, but if some sort of counter-argument to me liking pop music is your intention, I'm not sure that running around here flaunting your ignorance like it's some sort of badge of honor is the best strategy.

And don't get me wrong, I *like* Wilco. But when it's nestled up there with the rest of your "critic's music," picking it as the best album of the decade just comes off like a bland, inoffensive way of looking like you have an opinion, without actually going through the hassle of having an opinion. But, hey, go on and keep congratulating yourself for liking Kid A.

I am a completely joyless person, this is true. Actually, I'm not really joking about this, you got it in one! Most of the music on my list is joyless on purpose, because I have a hard time thinking seriously about music that doesn't take itself seriously - which is, I realize, my problem and not yours, but damned if it doesn't feel good to be self-righteous about it. If it helps, you can imagine me looking like this when I read your posts:


And please forgive me if you thought I was trolling, I'll just refrain from ribbing you in the future.

(Incidentally, the real reason for most of the music in my top ten is that I listened to it a lot during my divorce, and that has colored my feelings about the decade, if that helps clarify.)

That cat picture actually made me laugh out loud, and i've never felt more like a fucking cliche. It's kind of a relief, actually.

Oh man. You HAD to go and throw a LOL cat picture in there. Nothing is more disarming.


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