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This Fall trade is in both hard and soft-cover. I not only love Mouse Guard for myself, but the trades make for great gifts to people who are only slightly into comics...

Plus there are Guard Mice plush toys and figurines, a board game and an RPG. I got the last since it uses the Burning Wheel system. Excellent RPG setting, though after rereading Redwall I wondered about making a Sparrow character for the setting...

What happened to Asterios Polyp? I actually bought it and read it in anticipation of your review! ^_^ It's an insanely rewarding book. I think it has to be considered one of the best comics of all time - it really squeezes the most out of the medium.

But as for Mouse Guard, yes, Mouse Guard is *awesome*!! I love Mouse Guard and even bought the little plush toy! After reading your review, I think I'm going to hand my Mouse Guard: Fall book over to my fiance. I'm sure she'll love it because she is indeed awesome!

How are there only two comments on this? Mouse Guard is awesome and it's one of your best reviews, Nina. Even that old, grumpy codger Matt Brady would have to agree with that! ^_^

Thanks, Kenny! Asterios Polyp is coming. It was just too much for me to review both books this week. But stay tuned! ;)

I've been busy, so I only just got around to reading this review, but yes, I also have to throw my voice in support of Mouse Guard. It's awesome!

"Maybe it's just me, and maybe "inspirational" is too heavy a term to use. Maybe I'm just a dumb girl who can't separate the personal feelings that a comic brings about, but those personal feelings...I'm not making them up to prove a point, or because I'm desperate for people to read this comic. That's just how it made me feel--excited, a little in awe, and totally, yes, totally, inspired."

Hey, don't sell yourself short, it's great to get inspiration from a comic, even if it's about cute little mice. That's one thing that makes your reviews so good, the personal anecdotes and descriptions of your reactions. Own your emotions, Nina! ;-)

And I agree about your comment on the coloring; it's really well done here, and often not so much on a lot of comics. The whites of the snow, and the dark greys and purples of the caverns; that's the stuff I remember from the book.

Yeah, this is good stuff. Petersen really sells the nature of the conflict, with the mice being actual mice, rather than stand-ins for humans. They really seem like tiny creatures struggling to survive in a harsh world. Fun stuff.

I was also going to mention some of the merchandise, even though I haven't gone and bought any of it or anything. The role playing game sounds fun, although I don't really do any of the RPG stuff, and I've seriously considered buying some of the toys. That's what comics fandom does to you, I guess.

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