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I'm glad somebody outside of me and like two other people I know enjoys Tim and Eric. It's kind of comedian's comedy.

Burnside is the spiritual father of ever Warren Ellis hero, ever.

Your worst move was convincing yourself that Apprentice UK was going to be any different from any other Mark Burnett-produced show on television, just because it's British. It's modelled on the first season of the American Apprentice--down to 90% of the challenges being lifted directly.

I dug the interview episode a hell of a lot more than I thought I was going to. Typically, they tend to graze over the interview portion like it's a formality--like they couldn't figure out how to get from four players to two, and just went with their first idea. But I like that it actually had the balls to be actually about the interviews, instead of just unceremoniously sending James and Paul packing. I get how it could be boring and redundant, but to me, seeing Alan Sugar take a more active part in hiring these people than he has all season, it was fascinating.

"There is such a thing as a 'crazy fucking bitch'. They aren't unicorns."

You've destroyed my innocence. Or restored it, maybe? I'm not sure.

Tim and Eric: I'm kind of on the fence with them. Sometimes they're really fucking annoying (which, yes, is the point, but that doesn't make it any less so), but other times the stuff they do is genius. That episode where they had a sketch directed by the guy who made "The Room"? Comedy gold.

"Sandbaggers" was the main inspiration for Greg Rucka's "Queen & country" comics series. In fact, the writer went so far to actually lift entire plots from the BBC series.

That's where I first heard about it, in one of Q&C's letter columns. This is Nina's first time seeing it though, so she's coming in clean.

Matt, you are sooooo right about Tim & Eric. Although, ever since "The Room" episode, I'm now 100% off the fence and running through the grass of love with them!

"Sandbaggers" is a great series, any way you look at it. It has "the Wire"'s realistic portrayal of bureaucratic red tape the main characters have to get around to to get anything done, along with brilliant acting. Factor in the series creator (an actual navy spy!)'s strange disappearance and you've really got a unique show on your hands. They made only 7 episodes per season, but it's apparent that all of them had a great deal of thought, and preparation in them.

Sandbaggers was an amazing show. I've looked into picking it up after netflixing it but its damn expensive...

Yeah, the cost for the DVD sets is pretty high. It's not exactly in-demand though, so I guess they figure they can do what they like. The opening music that each DVD starts with is great though, sounds like a 20's revue.

See, I tried M-I5 (I hear it's called Spooks everywhere but in the US) and maybe it was too slick? Too pretty? This coming from an avowed 24 fan so I don't know.

I stuck with it for two seasons, until Tom's storyline was resolved, and it just felt like the place to step off.

Sandbaggers, though, is fantastic.

I'm a firm believer in MI-5 (which is Spooks, by the way)--it is fucking slick as hell, sometimes they're just doing crazy shit because they've got the cash to do so, to excuse the budget.

The show just went apeshit in the later seasons, with full on apocalypse style scenarios, killing and torturing people right and left...i haven't watched season 7 yet, but the Adam Carter years get fucking mean as hell. One season opens with the bombing of a commuter train in the middle east that kills a bunch of innocent people (on purpose), another one America is the main bad guy...it's just malicious, evil shit. With 24, they just keep moving around in the same lateral area of consequence. Spooks just keeps jacking up the level of problems, they even did a spin off that was set in a post-apocalyptic London. (It's roundly criticized as being horrible.)

Great Job!

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