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Nina - Dear god, is that Michelle Forbes?

Tucker - Bloodyfuckingyeah.

I didn't watch it, but yep, that's Michelle Forbes. Zeljko Ivanek is on there too, he's like the vampire mastermind, or the werewolf high priest, or maybe just a redneck bean farmer. I'll tune in when Harry Dean Stanton joins the cast.

Damn, Marty, you're rocking these TV reviews. The one for Burn Notice the other week was pretty great too. "The entertainment industry loves dissatisfaction with success": very true. That's one of those things that I've probably noticed before, but you saying that makes me sit up and shout "Goddamn, he's right!"

By the way, I didn't feel like writing about I Survived a Japanese Game Show this week, but here's the highlights: First game, teams snap each other in the stomach with bungee cords; pure chance. The second involves lots of paint being splattered all over the place, which is amusing. Elimination involves running on treadmills (and a pit of flour again. Why all the flour? Japan!); fat guy loses. Also, two of the more attractive contestants are apparently fucking, so expect more drama! That's about it.

Hey thanks, Matt Brady. That made my day.

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