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More Prisoner! I've only seem the first 2 or 3 eps, but loved it.

I'm also a hipster failure, because I haven't watched more than a couple clips of The Prisoner. It's one that I'd love to get to at some point. Is it really 20-some discs long? Yikes.

Considering there were only 17 episodes, 20 discs is bloody impressive.

Man, I love The Prisoner, but I went through an unfortunate stage of getting drunk every week and watching the final episode over and over again until I could recite the dialogue along with the actors. It was just like the Rocky Horror Picture Show, only much sadder.

And that's pretty fucking sad.

I still sometimes get a bit too pissed and pass out mumbling about regrettable bullets and dem dry bones.

The last episode of the Prisoner always struck me as something Lewis Carroll would write if Lewis Carroll had been a late 60s science fiction TV writer.

Also, the last episode of the Prisoner is much better than Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Also! http://www.amctv.com/videos/the-prisoner-1960s-video/ for your Prisoner-watching needs, though I just up and torrented the whole series.

Yes! The Prisoner! I will read this whole fucking thing!

Which episode order are you using? Are you getting nerdy enough to use custom episode orders? Because you know about the custom episode orders, right?

The Prisoner! Fucking fuck, yes!

I do know about the custom episode orders, but I was going to try to skip reading anything more about the episodes while watching the show. I'll be watching it in the order that the 40th anniversary way-too-big box set puts them in--not sure whether that's a custom one or not?

I have not watched The Prisoner yet and really have no plans to. Do I fail at life?

Just for the record, the episodes - and the chronology - McGoohan considered essential go like this:

Dance of the Dead
Free for All
The Chimes of Big Ben
Once Upon a Time
Fall Out

The rest is filler. Good filler more often than not, but filler nonetheless. He wasn't all too happy with most of them. Then again, he wasn't pleased by much.

There's also a comic sequel entitled Shattered Visage, published by Vertigo which he "didn't hate", and that's about as much praise you'd get out of the man. Worth a look too, once you're done.

Peter Chung's Æon Flux's intro is a deliberate riff on The Prisoner's too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UQyPXbjL-A

Tucker - I am entirely on board to hear yr thoughts on the Prisoner. What a goddamn sham-zam-taastic show.

Nina- So true in regards to yer comments on True Blood, and that bedroom flashback scene was truly the bee's knees.

The last episode of the Prisoner is much, much better than Rocky Horror Picture Show, and sometimes I think it's the best thing in the history of everything, but watching it over and over again when you're drunk and on your own is just fucking pathetic.

What's worse is that it took me five goddamned years to work out that women did not find this attractive.

The box set order is weird - if I'm remembering right, they put "The General" after "A, B, and C," when the events of "A, B, and C" pretty clearly show it should be the other way around, for instance. First-time viewers probably won't give a shit either way, though.

That box set is ridiculously overlong - some of those discs have only one episode per, which is criminal.

And while Red's right about McGoohan's "seven essential episodes" thing, I've never heard of anyone who only watches those - it leaves so, so many good ones out. I can't imagine any viewing of The Prisoner that left out "The Schizoid Man," for instance.

Take that up with McGoohan.

I never said the other episodes were bad, either.

"watching it over and over again when you're drunk and on your own is just fucking pathetic.

What's worse is that it took me five goddamned years to work out that women did not find this attractive."

Replace The Prisoner with John Carpenter's The Thing & Jaws. Marriage followed almost immediately, in my experience.

On the Ordering front--i'll probably stick to the box set's numbering, although i'm definitely interested in that "Seven Essential episodes" idea. Not sure if I'm going to do this once a week or more often, it'll depend on the schedule.

Oh, and Kenny: you don't fail at life. But there is a pretty strict rule that blogs have to eventually address things like: The Prisoner, who you would vote for in an election and why everyone is stupid for not agreeing with you, some personal anecdote regarding your relationship with your parents, what kind of music is a "dealbreaker", and, unfortunately, The Crazy Dream You Had Last Night.

Oh, shit, I have done at least one "crazy dream" post, but that was back in the early days of my blog when I was stealing all my ideas from Jog (it could be argued that this habit has not changed). If he did it, it couldn't be that terrible.

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