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Next up for you: Asterios Polyp.

Wow, a fellow temporary Okie. I lived in Owasso, about ten minutes north of Tulsa, but I spent some time in Norman too. People don't understand just how different it can be . . . I grew up in California and then ended up in OK for three and a half years and it was sort of like a crucible.

My God, how is it possible that everything you have to say is useless and meaningless? In a way, it's an accomplishment of some note.

And your comment is so full of use and meaning. Thanks for leading by example. You're truly a person of great character. Thanks for stopping by and spreading your sunshine.


Your Factual Faithful still love you and your work! Please don't let the negativity get you down!

OK is an interesting place. A company I used to work for had its corporate headquarters there and everyone was just *so* nice. (Except most of the executives, they were kinda free of personality, which I thought was odd....)

I think your reviews are the best when you flesh them out with your personal anecdotes and how the work you're reviewing affects you due to your background and life.

I think Asterios Polyp would be an amazingly good choice for you. I've only read a few pages so far, but it's an amazingly cool work. The use of color is fantastic. I think it would be a rewarding experience!

Anyway, keep on being you and please don't let the negativity get you down!

Hey there, Kenny. Don't worry. I sort of find that negativity kind of funny. Usually I get that response when I say I don't like a comic...not when I do.

So, yes, I believe I will take Plok up on his suggestion. Tucker handed it to me this morning on his way out the door. So...we'll see......:)

Not to criticize, but I'm slightly confused as to how the first half of the review relates to the second half. Usually you tie the personal anecdotes into discussion of the comic so well, so maybe it's just me being dumb here. Is the Messianic Complex/Conundrum/Quandary the belief that the Jews must rebuild the temple to fulfill prophecy? I know I heard about that when I was growing up, since I was raised in a pretty fundamentalist Christian culture. The Biblical "end times" require that the temple be standing before Jesus returns, so Christians have a vested interest in Israel rebuilding (which is why they're okay with Palestinians being treated so horribly; gotta love those moral contradictions inherent in religion). Is this part of the comic? I haven't read any of Unthinkable, but I've been meaning to check it out; from what I had heard, it seemed to be about terrorism and worst-case-scenarios coming true, but I didn't realize that Biblical/Hebrew prophecy played into it. That does make sense though, since other religions besides Islam are certainly capable of inspiring violent action.

Anyway, sorry if I'm being harsh or whatever; I'm trying not to be mean. Don't stop with the personal anecdotes; I love that stuff. It's certainly true that things are so different in the South. I went to college there and lived in Texas for a few years, and even though it's probably less different from where I grew up in Oregon than it is from the East Coast, it's still weird, just in the way people talk and act. Yay, shared experiences! We're a big happy family here on TFO.

Boy, that Matthew Brady, just a constant source of negativity! ^_^

Anyway, Nina, I think I might try reading Asterios Polyp in anticipation of your review! I've been thinking about picking it up, but I felt like I needed something to push me over the edge.

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