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This is good. The review, I mean.

Well, ripping off the openings to popular TV and films seems to have worked well for other long-running comic book series ; )

Not having seen True Blood I have no idea how close it is or not to that show. I loved the art and the writing didn't put me off too much (the characters seem bland, some of the story muddled or not interesting). I figured the opening issue was just to get you hooked on the mystery of what happened (not enough set up or investment in the characters so I think the writer failed here) and the rest of the series will play out and follow the characters dealing with the apocalyptic event, so it might be hard to judge the series on the first issue as much as it can be judged on the second issue. It would have been a very good $1 Vertigo first issue.

Oh man, two Kool Keith references in one review. I don't even know how to respond to that.

Great article.

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