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Hooray, they printed my letter!

It's interesting, isn't it -- it's a pretty simple story. Just told well.

Glad you liked it!

Best Virgin Read ever.


I'm *so* glad you reviewed this and *so* glad you posted a review of it! This is awesome!

OK, first thought is in regards to this quote:

"But honey, that's it. I've just run out of the intellectual comic-y things that I've got. So, what follows is less of a review, and a little more of my personal feelings and reactions to the work."

I don't read your reviews for intellectual comic-y things. That doesn't mean I don't think your smart or don't have intellectual things worth saying, I'm just saying it's not why I come here to read your reviews or Tucker's, for that matter. There are plenty of people on the web who say intellectual stuff, but a lot of them are full of themselves, and a lot of them bore me to tears. I like your reviews because you always talk about how you interacted with the work, and that's the stuff I like to read about. It's the same with Tucker and Matt Brady - the three of you combined are a triumvirate of genius, but for me, the good stuff is reading what your interactions with the work are.

Anyway, on that note, this review is a huge success and fascinating. I honestly never noticed the Wizard of Oz thing (that's *super* intellectual!). Now I want to go back and re-read it looking for that part.

As for the two pages with all the panels showing the quiet interaction and love, I felt the same way you did. I cried when I read those two pages. I'm deeply, madly in love with my fiance, but when words are involved, I usually make a mess of things. It's the silent things that are said through little actions and observations where our love is almost tangible. That's love.

Anyway, before I get misty eyed talking about it again, I'm going to stop. Excellent review, as always!

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading this piece, particularly this little nugget of wisdom which I instantly applied to my own life and it rang true:

"Life is all about relationships. I feel like this is the best kept secret because although I believe that now, I thought, growing up, that life was all about achievement, that it was all about merit. But somewhere along the line I learned that you can be successful as hell--money in the bank, buckets of opportunity--and still feel empty. That nothing is ever as fulfilling as true friendship. I mean, I always think I'd like to be insanely rich and/or recognized for all my hilariously impossible achievements, whatever they might be - but nothing fills me with joy like hanging out and laughing with my husband, nothing makes me feel as successful as witnessing a child learn something new."

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-Nina Stone

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