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Wait, Oz was in that issue? I totally missed that. Seriously. I wish they'd found someone else than Jeanty.

I agree. There are artists who can do likenesses, and it baffles me why they didn't get one.

My girlfriend has gotten me into Buffy recently and man don't you just want to kill that big idiot Xander?

At least Nina isn't phoning it in, like some people.

Season five lost me too, but I eventually came back. The finale to that season is epic.

Loved Buffy all the way through. Season Six dragged badly, other than the Musical, but Seven slowly rose from its ashes. It had become a different, darker show, and they decided to pretty much break the structure in that last season, but I enjoyed it.

I've liked the first few trades of Season 8 well enough, but I hear it's meandering now, I guess since that dumb Harmony story that outted the slayers and made vampires cool. That idea is brilliant as a one-story take on pop culture, but really, really bad if you plan to keep working in that fictional universe. So I dunno ... liked Season 8, but it is losing its hold on me ...

Buffy Season 6 was the winner for me (Season Five was weak). Personally, I thought the "Angel" show was superior to Buffy though.

As for the comics, I agree with yr observations. I dropped the title a few months ago. The first couple of arcs are enjoyable though, (Particularly the Giles/Faith arc written by Brian K. Vaughn).

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