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"Nobody who bought this thing was actually looking for Love and Rockets and settled on Mayhem instead."

I disagree. Before I started buying *everything* from Amazon, I would frequently go into comic shops and just buy any old junk because the stuff I wanted to read was never ordered by the comic shop. I don't think most people realize 90% of all comic stores only order DC and Marvel books with some Image as their indy selection.

The reason why us art jerks are always crying is because it's near impossible to find the books we want to buy. Like The Muppet Show? I've still never seen an issue.

Heaven's on Fire is actually a Kiss song.

Ah, but it SOUNDS like an AC/DC song. But point taken.

Kenny-i'm not sure i can go with you on your argument there. Because the product you want isn't available, you have to buy one you don't? That doesn't seem like something one can spread the blame on.

Tucker, I'm sorry. I never *had* to buy Youngblood or whatever. I would just go in to a comic store, hoping they'd have Love & Rockets, be disappointed, and then buy something else for the fun of it. Was I settling for Spawn or something? Yes. But did I *have* to buy something? No, not at all.

Anyway, thank God for on-line retailers. It's nice being able to buy stuff like Love & Rockets or Asterios Polyp or whatever. It's a happy thing, you know? I'm not trying to be a Debbie Downer here, I'm just saying that prior to the Internet, I was buying books like Mayhem because I couldn't find what I wanted.

Nothing against you, but I think something people like Heidi MacDonal and Brian Hibbs often forget is they live in major metropolitan cities. Cities that size can support comic stores that carry a large selection of books. But in smaller cities, comic shops have narrower margins so they stick to what they think has the best odds of selling through - Marvel, DC, and some Image. Fantagraphics, Boom, D&Q - you never see that stuff for sale outside of large cities.

But yeah, it's not Mayhem's fault smaller comic shops can't support Love & Rockets. Gibson & them are just trying to sell books, nothing wrong there.

How large a city do you live in? I lived in a city of about 100,000 people that had two comic stores that sold lots of stuff that wasn't Marvel/DC

Hey, i spent most of my formative comic reading years dependent on one store, 2 hour drive, that carried love and rockets.I know it's a pain. My point is that there isn't a single store--anywhere--that bought Mayhem instead of some magic comic of awesome, they bought Mayhem instead of some other "dude with a gun" comic.

Tucker, now I'm getting it. You have no idea how slow I am sometimes! Yeah, there's no one looking at money they budgeted for The Muppet Show spending it on Mayhem instead! lol

Matt, now I live in Brooklyn. But I was living in Ohio. I was in the Cleveland area and I spent 10 years in Cincinnati. The stores in those cities didn't carry anything that wasn't Marvel/DC. If it wasn't for Copacetic Comics in Pittsburgh, it would be the same there, too. I used to live in The Loop in Chicago and I could find all kinds of awesome comics there. Columbus, OH has a store with indy stuff. But my point is, the stores in the MidWest with indy stuff are the exception, not the rule. So, it's a pain to buy this stuff.

And I should clarify - I have seen The Muppet Show in NYC. I've not seen it for sale in any store in Ohio. Ohio's not a magical bumpkin land, either. Cleveland and Cincinnati are both pretty big. But diversity in comics are not so big there.

You can always ask a retailer to order stuff too, you know.

Matt, sure, retailers can be asked. But, will they? I used to visit a comic shop run by a *very* nice guy, and he'd always write down my requests, but I'd say he followed through with about 10% of those orders. On the flip side, there are the jerk owners who refuse to place orders.

I dunno, I'm just down on the DM on the whole. I mean, I understand that for most guys their margins are so small they can't afford to order stuff they don't know will sell. But if all we're left with is stores with no diverse selection and an order form for what you want, then what do we need comic stores for?

Anyway, I'm going to stop riding this horse into the ground. I don't have much use for the DM, but I don't think there are any viable solutions to fix it, either. Amazon suits my needs just fine, so it's kind of a wash.

"Cut off your dick or don't, you fucking baby."

Wrong body part, Tucker.

I hear you, Kenny. I've been pretty fortunate to frequent some well-run comics shops, so I haven't had much problems with that sort of thing, but yeah, the DM is pretty broken. One final suggestion, if you're interested in pamphlet comics as opposed to collections and/or graphic novels, is DCBS (http://www.dcbservice.com/), which is kind of like turning yourself into your own comic shop. But yeah, Amazon and Borders or B&N can pretty much get you whatever you want, so it's sort of a wash.

What the fuck is up with reviews of ASM 601 that think it costs four dollars? I realize it has a backup, but the cover pretty clearly has a two, a dot, a nine, and then another nine. After an S with a vertical line through it. I think that means it costs two dollars and ninety-nine cents. Tucker, you're not the only person to make this mistake with this specific issue, but seriously, are we now at the point where we're so hair-trigger complaining about books costing $3.99 that we don't even notice when a book costs $2.99 and still has a backup?

Matt, you are an evergreen of optimism!! Which is why I love your page, btw! But yeah, I'm a happy guy, so why am I complaining? Who knows? It's best to just nod your head and smile at me sometimes! ^_^

I'm pretty hair-trigger, i'll give you that. This week was an experiment in how many of these things i could actually ingest, so i'm not surprised that i made the mistake. I can't speak for anybody else who barfs out verbiage regarding ASM, but that particular title does seem to bring a huge amount of animosity to the table, very little of it having to do with the actual content-o-comic.

"The only real difference is that the guys who make the Buddha Machine don't start calling people idiots when they say they'd prefer a little more music with their purchase of sound."

Where did you see anyone called an idiot?

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