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Wolverine's so old, he was around even before the internet, when even badasses read books. Not even just books: Short motherfuckin' Story Collections.

Ahh, I've missed this column in it's proper format. No offense to you and your fine friends from last week, Tim.

DD was pretty amazing - not just that Miller made this book matter at one point in time because he could, but that Nocenti can come back to the character after decades and write something that's just as good maybe better.

And you reviewed the Klied book just to talk about you screwing, didn't ya?

"...featuring blue-skinned versions of the daughter from Dinosaurs..."

Oh wow, I'm never going to un-see that, huh?

You know that part in the preview where the thing is sleeping? Just imagine it opening its eyes and saying "not the mama".

If I had not read the Wolverine book, I would think you were lying, but no, it totally happens. Wolverine is so lame.

Ah ha ha, The Big Kahn sounds great. Since you said it was lame, I'm sure I'll read it and love it. Oh, Jews.

Holy shit, it's that Robot Chicken ad on the cover of Outsiders!

Sean- the best part is that Nocenti is telling the same story that she told on DD years ago-- violence will never solve Daredevil's problems, but sometimes you'll find people who make those problems softer while you live.

As a hero, DD is a failure. As a person, DD is learning. Them's good comics.

I like your work, Mr. Stone, but I don't know what the Dan Clowes Felix Rule is, and I own every issue of Eightball and Lloyd Llewellyn too. Please explain your joke, that will make it funny to me.

It's from the story "I Hate You Deeply". Your comment made me laugh, Mr. Pontoon.

Intended. Charming and self-effacing of you to say so. Mwah.

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