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...I like Phillip Tan.

It's cool. They have treatment for that now, meetings, all kinds of stuff. You're halfway there, just admitting it is the hard part.

Hey. Hey. Hey.

You like a comic written by Tony BeTARD.

Correction: I like comics with Dominators in them. Creator is superfluous!

Watch your fucking mouth, I have Betards in my family.

I'm not saying there's anything WRONG with the mentally Betarded, I just don't think they should be writing comic books, is all.

You're mocking Babylon5 in public? Won't they take away your Nerd Card for that? And then have a horde of "people" who pay to go to Wizard run conventions come over and break your knees with real Klingon swords and glowing lightsabres...

I think Tucker's gotten a call from MasterNerd to cut that thing up already a long time ago, Lurker...

I think that people who like Babylon 5 went underground a long time ago, because while it seems they were really vocal about a decade ago (even my parents liked the show when it was being run on TNT in syndication), no one talks about it anymore. Perhaps people figured out it was stupid (sorry, mom, dad), or that the Battlestar: Galactica revamp fulfilled people's need for boring sci-fi TV.

That is the best description of X-Men Forever I have ever read.

How does Reed Richards even grow stubble? Isn't he made out of rubber? How does rubber grow hair? How does rubber get beefy? It's all gross. Gross, gross, gross.

I don't think he's really made of rubber so much as his flesh is just really pliable - still kind of gross. The rubber thing might be an Ultimate idea? No clue about that.

Also, am I some sort of bad person because I don't think X-Men Forever existing is some sort of crime against Chris Ware or something? It looks like completely disposable, stupid fun that I hope is collected into a cheapo trade that I'll be able to find for 2 dollars at a used store down the line so I can read it on a flight, or while my wife is doing homework on the computer or something. Is that so wrong? Do I need to be purged now? I suppose if so, there's no one I'd like to do the deed more than you, Stone. Just... just give me a day, alright?

(The Widening Gyre though sounds kind of disjointed, if we're going to be nice. Regardless of the quality, Smith, you aren't going to manage to convince anybody you're smarter than you are, even if you just ACT stupid, by giving it a title from a Yeats poem.)

Whether Reed grows facial hair or not, it does seem odd that he's willfully making his arms more muscular. Does he sleep like normal, wake up and say "shit, my arms", start swelling like a Reebok Pump?

Are we perhaps meant to believe that he found some old videos of Namor balling Sue, and decided he needed to puff himself up?

I bet he does that cartoon thing where he sticks his thumb in his mouth and blows. That's always funny.

By the way, Bachalo drew the cover too. And your description of X-Men Forever confuses me (is the comic the gift he gives to the kid? And what's the sexy girl and car, money? I feel dumb), but I like it anyway.

And man, both Batman Widens His Gear and Wonder Woman sound bizarre as all fuck, but I'm still not interested in reading them.

X-Men Forever feels like listening to a middle-aged guy sadly reminisce about how awesome he used to be on his high school football team.

Now I'm actually curious about that Wonder Woman comic, which sounds completely bizarre.

There's weird shit in Wonder Woman, but it's so watered down that you can barely taste it. I've only read these last two issues, but both have about a page or two devoted to Wonder Woman and Black Canary talking about the way women are perceived in the DC universe--simple terms, just "people rate our tits" talk--and it's revealed that all those goofy cheesecake statues are really popular amongst the population. The last issue, she slow danced with a polar bear? This time, she gets dumped by a guy who looks like he's 19? But there's also 18 pages of boring shit to deal with.

I personally don't dislike Phillip Tan, I mean I wouldn't buy a book cause he was doing it, but I wouldn't blind myself after reading his work, but damn you are right on with your assessment on the Quitely to Tan transition. It's just too fucking cruel to do to a person.

Also I your FF "review" had me chuckling, now I can never look at the book the same way again.

But incidently what did you actually think of the book, you know wordswise?

It felt like old home week, except for Reed. I'd heard the Supreme comparison before I read it, but i was still kind of surprised by how far Hickman took it. The short sleeves are a little weird--actually, i'd say that I'm overall not that interested in it visually. But I'm interested to see where they plan to go with the idea of a room full of Reeds. That's a first time kind of thing. I've never really caught the FF bug.

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