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Kylie Minogue is some of the best guilty pleasure music *ever*! I'm always happy to dance to one of her tracks!

"Music Sounds Better With You" is *awesome*!!! I've always loved that song, but I am an unabashed Daft Punk fanboy....

Cold Copy - While "garbage" was too harsh a term to use, and never meant as an insult towards you, I don't understand the appeal with them. I'm hoping one day I may have that "a ha" moment that I have with certain groups, but it won't be today. I'll keep trying, though.

"Machine Gun" is one of the most amazing songs ever recorded. *Ever*. You perfectly explain why, too!

I haven't even thought of Squarepusher in years! Good call there!

Kanye West's Heartbreak and 808s (or vice versa, I get confused) is an album I keep going back to over and over. Flashing Lights is one of my least favorite songs on it, but yeah, it's very inventive.

I'm finding this list to be quite fascinating, as much for what I disagree with, as what I actually agree with.
The fact that it's very US-centric and particualarly heavy on the hip-hop side accounts for a lot of that, and in a lot of cases I agree with the artist, but not that particular song.

I'm going to wait till it's finished before I weigh in on what I think's missing though, for obvious reasons.

I can't believe you think Music Sounds Better With You is better than Da Funk, though...
Oh, and that Squarepusher track - surely the point of it is that the lyric isn't Red Hot Car?

...Well, technically it *is* "Red Hot Car," it's just dangerously close to something else.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing what you think's missing. I think that if you (or anybody else) weren't disagreeing with stuff, I'd probably be doing something wrong.

Yeah, the Shins! A song I actually know, and even like! I consider this a victory.

oh, wow, good call on 'parentheses'. that song needed some airplay. thank you for the reminder.

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