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That Gui Boratto track is a monster.

That's personally one of the only Radiohead songs I actively enjoy and I'm glad you selected it for your list.

Is "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead" really about the aftermath of a one-night stand? I always figured it was about a long-dead relationship.

Modern Man's Hustle is definitely one of my top three Atmosphere songs, and it's lovely to see Jean Grae represented on the list.


Damn straight.


Now I imagine you passively enjoying Radiohead songs. Like they're Coldplay.


I guess the truth is that it's probably somewhere in the middle. I doubt it was a full on relationship if he can't remember her name--I'm sure there are dudes out there who are capable of that, but Torquil Campbell's going to have to work a lot harder to convince me he's one of them.


Yeah, dude, Jean Grae is the best.

The 100 Greatest Songs of the Millennium? I agree to some extend because there are songs that are not included on the list and some songs on the list that should not be there.

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