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Glad to see mclusky getting some props. I bought that single purely on the strength of the lyrics to the chorus being mentioned in the NME review, which was definitely not a mistake. But then, it would be hard to go wrong with a band that names a song 'dave, stop killing prostitutes'.

Fuck yeah, White Stripes! My favorite band, so I feel like I can actually comment. Me, I would have probably chosen one of their bigger hits, because I'm lame like that. Seven Nation Army, The Hardest Button to Button, Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground, My Doorbell, I Don't Know What to Do With Myself, maybe even We're Going to Be Friends. But Hello Operator is pretty goddamn awesome.

Do the Raconteurs get a separate entry? I would suggest Steady As She Goes or Salute Your Solution. Jack White!

Mark Romanek's video for 99 Problems is one of my all-time favorite music videos-- I think it's maybe the best rap video. It's super-FAST, the camera's relentless, the images stick; it looks like a documentary, but then there's weird jungle guys and dancing girls and rap video stuff mixed in. There's this wide variety of people in it, humanity, whatever. Any shot of Rick Rubin in that video is pretty great. Plus: I like the black and white, and I think there's just the tiniest amount of green to it.

Don't forget about Vincent Gallo. Any appearance by Vincent Gallo pretty much cements legacy.

This is hilarious, as the "eggs with onions cheesy for me" is the first line I think about in this song. Between that and calling a pussy "gorgeous," I don't think you can get nerdier machismo.

It's very strange, but I don't really connect with most of the songs so far in a massive way. Maybe I don't connect enough with music in general since '00 (which would be sad and something I would attempt to correct immediately) or maybe the aughts are not up to snuff or maybe the best is yet to come here...definitely enjoying this though!

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