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Excellent review as always, Nina! I haven't read this yet for the simple reason I haven't found it to purchase yet. You addressed some of my fears, though - the structure especially. I'm also very curious to see how the pacing holds up. I'm like you, I love the Muppets, too! I don't have anywhere near your appreciation for how things are done for screen versus stage, but I'm happy the Muppets were successfully transfered to the comic format!

In conclusion, I have two words for you - Asterios Polyp? ^_^

Asterios Polyp is a-coming!

This is actually Langridge's fifth issue of Muppet Show comics. Earlier this year there were four issues which were just called "The Muppet Show", and all of those were done-in-ones. Each one had a self-contained story focusing on one character, with lots of "routines" breaking it up as you saw here. If you liked this, there's no reason to expect that you wouldn't like those. So you should see if you can find them.

No problem, Nina! I'm just anxious to read your review because I enjoy hearing your opinion a lot.

Finding that first Muppet Show miniseries has become the bane of my existence. I'm starting to think it doesn't actually exist, it's just some running joke people have.

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