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Damn, Homicide had a lot of good episodes, but Adena and the Arabber as a throughline for that entire show will never be beat.

We used to hit Canton Island for Project Runway, sit at the penny-covered bar drinking zombies and eating dumplings with the kitchen crew after the dining room closed.

Hot Daughter usually was at the bar, straight out of some GI's fantasy, but Cold Daughter made the strongest drinks. She wasn't cold, pretty nice actually, but Hot Daughter could make Forest Whitaker's eyes go straight.

Since the last season, the place sold & got turned into a goddamn sports bar and we are as homeless as fucking Epperson.

Heeeeeey, where's all the "Marty is wrong about Hung" stuff I was promised? There's nothing that I can argue with in there!

How does Felicia Day look anything like Mary Lynn Rajskub? Her face has no resemblance to a potato.

Is anybody else with me on the resemblance? Maybe it's the voice; she sounds like her too, I think.

How can you tell? Potato Face is a mumbler.

Epitaph One was WICKED.

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