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No one has commented on this yet? Oh my! I *love* Achewood and didn't realize this was already out! I heard he was putting all the Alt-text comments in this book, too, which is awesome because those frequently make me laugh as hard, if not harder, than his punchlines!

I'd like to read Achewood, but I don't know where to begin. Is it better to start reading with this volume or the other one or online?


I finally decided to read Achwood last month--I just went to the online archive and started from the beginning. Within 10 minutes I was laughing so hard I had trouble breathing. It only got funnier from there. I'm up to 2007 now, and I can say without reservation that it's one of the funniest things I've ever read in my life.

I discovered Achewood a few days ago and it is my new favorite thing, ever. I'm driving my brother and mom absolutely bonkers right now with how much and how hard I'm laughing at it.

BTW, my brother doesn't think Achewood is funny at all. He also didn't like the Kamandi strip where the ape on horseback shoots down a blimp being driven by a dog with a rocket launcher. Are these valid complaints, or is he dead on the inside?

This is such an excellent review. Can't wait to buy it now. Achewood is such an amazing comic-- it's art. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry (usually from laughing). All my friends are obsessed. God bless Chris Onstad.

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