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Did Batman just punch a bullet back at those guys?

Like, Batman punched a bullet that was fired from a gun back at the guy who fired it from his gun?

No, he punched a bullet back at the guy who fired it at him in the 32nd issue of Batman Confidential.

In the 33rd issue, he punched EIGHT bullets back at the guy who fired it at him.

There are two parts left in this story.

If Deadman is going to find Etrigan in Wednesday Comics, he's going to have to get himself to the back pages and deal with a story that's combining the action and pacing of the Superman strip with the comprehensible plotting of the Wonder Woman strip and the art of the Teen Titans strip. Also, Catwoman is more of a prop than a character.

Why does the Magog book exist? I know Alex Ross isn't actually writing the book, but I'm still going to blame him for designing the character, bringing Kingdom Come into the regular DC continuity, and dragging that story out for what felt like a decade. I guess Johns deserves some of the blame for that as well.

I'm usually a pretty nice guy, but you've got a way of bringing out the angry comic critic in me. Thanks for the catharsis.

The Iron Man review was thought provoking for me. I hope I'm not poking a beehive here, but I was thinking some more about the discussion last week with Lugh and Matt. There's nothing wrong with fun superhero stories. I think most people enjoy those kind of stories (I know I do), which is why movies like Iron Man are so popular. But, business concerns aside, how often are the people making the comics really pulling off fun as opposed to stuff they've thought would be awesome since they were young. Like, Kirkman writes fun comics. I was reading his recent Destroyer series last night and there's nothing substantial there, it's just an old man running around killing bad guys. Wednesday Comics sounds similar - it's 12 pages a week (right?) of enjoyable superhero stories. Why is there a book like, I dunno, Winnick's Batman which does not sound like any fun whatsoever? This is where the sales numbers come into play, which seems to me to be unfortunate shortsightedness.

I enjoyed Jeff Lemire's Tales From Essex County books very much. I should pick up his Vertigo stuff once it's collected.

I didn't realize Ezquerra was working on The Boys with Ennis! That is an awesome combination! I mean, it makes total sense, Ezquerra to Ennis is like Hitch to Millar (or, ok, Quitley to Morrison). I'm looking forward to catching up where I left off with that series once more trades are released.

I'm pretty sure those are Chechnyan FUDA FUDA FUDA auto-pistols. The black market conversions slow the ammo release down enough that you could deflect them with proper body armor.

Batman certainly couldn't pull that off back in the day with the old BUDDA BUDDA BUDDA Kalashnikov's whilst on the trail of the KGBeast.

Like they used to say back in the Army: If it's a FUD, it's a dud.

Kenny: I feel the mark of a true talent is taking something that starts out as a "Wouldn't it be cool if" thought and turning it into a coherent story, interesting to people besides themselves and die-hards. Contrary to popular belief not every creator who's a fan of something just wants to write fan service. Sometimes it motivates them to do their best.

After that Sweet Tooth review, I want to read a comic that you write in that style. That's good stuff, make it happen.

Lugh, I actually agree with you. I'm not trying to cause tension with this, but who do you think does that - turns "wouldn't it be cool if..." into something interesting beyond the diehards? Jeff Parker did it with World War Hulk, and I could make arguements for Millar, Ellis, and Morrison, but how many others can really do it? It sounds like a few guys are doing in it Wednesday comics.

Alan Moore can, too, but he's not even trying anymore. LoEG is basically for literary diehards who also read comics, and how many of those are there?

Does Brubaker make the list? Fraction? I dunno, I'm not familiar enough with their Marvel work.

What did Jeff Parker write during World War Hulk? Do yo mean Greg Pak?

That SWEET TOOTH review was spot on. Thanks!

Yeah, I'd say the assessment of Ed Brubaker as someone who's risen from fanboyism very well is spot on. I mean, come on, bringing back Bucky? Making him a bad guy? Then making him Captain America? In the hands of a lesser talent, that would have been a dull and retarded retread of Cap history that would be reverted as soon as possible with some clone/life model decoy hand wave.

Other writers do this, and have been doing this, for years. It's not only limited to comics, either. Philip Jose Farmer's Wold Newton fictional biography stuff was an effective use of a "Oh man wouldn't it be cool IF" scenario.

As usual, things which are terrible in the hands of fools are great in the hands of the gifted.

Dead-on appraisal of that Wednesday Comics Metamorpho strip. It made me think "Neil Gaiman shouldn't be allowed to write comics."

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