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"these sorts of comics are just straight cash grabs that prey on Peter Tomasi completionists"

I like the idea that this person actually exists. Or, wait, that's not right. Hate. I hate that idea.

I think that person exists, and his name is Tucker Stone.

You know what bugged me about the "I want you to keep it on" panel? The very next panel shows him taking it off. What a dick.

Peter Tomasi actually used to be a very good editor back in the 90s, working on some very good comics like Hitman and the Demon. It's sad, really.

I read this essay once, or maybe it was an interview in Playboy or something, where somebody brought up the idea that if Superman fucked Lois Lane, his jizz would possibly shoot all the way through her body and kill her. They should make a comic where Clark and Lois talk about that. Like, seriously, they're married. So do they fuck? Does she give him blowjobs but he's invulnerable and can't feel them? Maybe she rubs Kryptonite on his wiener? And what about in the butt?

My point is that Superboy sure ought to fuck Wonder Girl.

Also, when they invent cameras that can film the past, time-travel cameras, they should film when Johnny Depp was going steady with Winona Ryder. They're both good-looking, or were anyway. I'd watch that.

I was kind of kidding you but the show looks really good and I am in the neighborhood, my job has been pulling me into a lot of night overtime and who knows if I can make it. You should advertise stuff like that more shamelessly on the blog, it's good to hear about it.

That comment is meant for the Martin Brown post, dammit.

Good stuff. Good fucking stuff.

That's only for Silver Age jizz, John. With Post-Crisis super-spunk anything goes.

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