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Quibbling time!

The Wolf Parade song is actually "Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts".

I think the National's best song of the year was "Fake Empire." Maybe "Apartment Story".

I don't think "Do You Realize" was even the best song on that album; I'd give that to the first track, "Fight Test", or "Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell".

And as a resident of the Bay Area, EVERYONE here is so tired of "Tell Me When To Go" that we could all just die.

Otherwise, I have no complaints.

Was wondering where/if "Water" was going to end up on this list, I'd definitely have it higher but that's me.

Fighting words!

As a Euro-resident with a need for some MTV in 2001, I can appreciate the love you're giving to J-Lo and Ja Rule. But if you keep that effing song 40 spots ahead of Muscles, there's going to be a John Spencer-style blow-out the next time I'm in Brooglyn.



It's great to see you back! I was wondering where you were!

I'd go with "One More Time" from Daft Punk and move it up 104 spots, but that's just me! ^_^

I'd also move that "Lip Gloss" song up because it was just so catchy. Like, I hated it and couldn't stop listening to it.

I'd move that Andrew WK song *way* up, too. That was just such an awesomely fun song!

And from the first Viktor Vaughn album, I'd take "Saliva," because RJD2 is a local hero for me!

No Soul Position? I'm sad. I'm sure this is fueled by my Ohio love, but I *love* that group!!

I will go see your play if you make the #1 song of the decade "Dick Around" by Sparks.


Allow me to quibble with your quibbles. 1) After Spencer Krug's post-Apologies to the Queen Mary crimes against music, Wolf Parade are lucky to even be making an appearance; I would have called the song "Jizzbasket" if I thought anybody would know what the fuck I was talking about. 2) It was "Apartment Story," but "Geese" was from 2005. 3) You're so wrong I ain't laughin'. 4) Fair enough on E-40. I thought about including The Federation's "Hyphy," but "Tell Me When to Go" is pound-for-pound a better song.


"Water" seems like such a personal choice, it's crazy to think that you figured it'd even be on here. Still, The Roots don't really get any better than "You Got Me" and "Silent Treatment" for me.


The short story is that "I'm Real" has a secret weapon that Muscles don't, and that's "Mary Jane." The loong story, is that if I'm going to be crazy enough to include a J Lo song on a list like this, I'm not going to take the cowardly route of putting it lower than 150.


Rjd2 will get some love pretty soon here. I'm a big fan of his, too. Soul Position, on the other hand, never really did anything for me. Also, I do feel a little (a lot) weird about having Daft Punk that low, but I tried not to simply pick representative songs by artists I love, and instead stuck with big moments. Daft Punk tend to knock me on my ass cumulatively rather than in single tracks. They'll get their due on the albums list, though.


Buy your tickets now!

"Water" - Dude, it's a) funky as hell, b)crazy musique-concrete/Tago Mago shit on the middle of a rap album and c) has screams from Gwar shows bleeding through the tracks "Love Rollercoaster"-style. I love that song.

Oh god, fucking Andrew WK. I hate that shit. "Party hard, party hard, I want to party party, let's all party party, yeah yeah party party party party party party party party party party party party party party party party yeah." There, repeat that 30 times and you've got every one of that motherfucker's songs, and they all suck.

And therein lies his genius.

Stepfather Factory blew my sarcasm meter when I was a kid. Been one of my favorite joints ever since.

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