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I would argue that Mastodon has bigger drums than a mastodon and possibly even the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but that's by virtue of them being a humongous band in general.

That brings up the fact that I've noticed a distinct lack of representation from the metals in this list. If that whole genre just isn't your thing though, I definitely understand that.

Maps seems like an odd choice for YYY's signature song, since most of their stuff seems to have lots of screaming guitars and just plain screaming. It's their most famous, but it's kind of a different than a lot of their stuff, isn't it? It's cool; I like them both ways.

I love what Karen O summons up in the Maps video - it's like she's channeling some kind of emotional alienation hurricane that you could never possibly be emo enough to understand.

Funny how that's all that's gotten commented on.

These lists are great!

Perhaps you didn't have time to write about Róisín Murphy? Well, without your mixes I would have never listened to her, ever, so here's a little tid bit on her video:

Róisín Murphy dances like my friend Cheriece. Kinda jazz. Kinda modern. Kinda robot. Way dorky. (I love you Cheriece.) Which is weird since this is pretty straight forward dance music. Thank goodness someone has added about ten sci-fi/mechanical/botanical/animal/spandex costumes with computer animation wings, tentacles, spider legs and Stegosaurus style back plates to distract us from the 80’s white girl moves Murphy is rocking.

I imagined her being much smoother and cooler than this and I couldn’t be happier with the awkward goober presented in the video. I heart the weird ones.

What's Up, Fatlip? is one of the defining songs and videos of our era. I honestly believe that. Too bad his album was awful.

I liked a few other Ghost songs more, but I agree with your reasoning. For me, Ghost pretty much killed hardcore hip-hop with a song so tough, everyone else looks silly in comparison. (The Watch) I liked the use of the gimmick of rapping over an R&B song better on Heard It All Before. My pick for most inventive Ghost song goes to Chez Chez La Ghost. But really, if this were my list, and the joy is that it's not, but if it were, I'd go with The Mask on the Dangerdoom album.

I love The Chemical Brothers and I think I always will. Just great, great music there. Although, Daft Punk did ultimately do it better! ^_^

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