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"Why is getting cancelled?"

Because not enough people are buying it to allow it to continue because the majority of the comics buying public seems to prefer stories about the Rainbow Lanterns or the Return of Barry Allen or Known Cop Killer is Put In Charge of Super-Heroes. You just get used..well no you don't get used to it. You just learn to bitch about it and move on to the next Doomed Comic You Think Is Really Cool...

It's not just little known stuff that this sort of thing happens to, either - "Cool Writer and Artist Team Who Are Making Boring, Typical and/or Oft-Maligned Superhero Title Great" get pulled off (or move on but it's worse when they get pulled in the middle of a storyline or before they get to do everything they wanted) and replaced with lesser talent all the time.

I'm pretty sure this was solicited as a 12 issue series, although I could be wrong.

I'm wrong all the time, like that time with the IUD & bombing Cambodia.

The other thing is, people seem less and less interested in superhero comics that aren't about the usual Marvel/DC characters, and for good reason, since there's really not all that much that you can do with them that's very interesting, in most cases. This might be an exception (and your review does have me intrigued, but I'll be surprised if I ever get around to actually reading it), but those are few and far between.

I was also under the impression that The Mighty was always intended to be a miniseries. There's probably not going to be a second one if it's not selling that well, though.

I'd heard that the first few issues sorta sucked, but it's possible that it got better since then.

I get Previews every month, and I'm pretty sure no solicitation for any of the issues mentioned The Mighty being a 12-issue mini-series. I'm pretty sure it was solicited as an on-going.

A very good one, too. I'm bummed to hear about it likely getting cancelled, but, on the other hand, I've been expecting it since I read the solicitation for the debut issue.


Issue #10 has at least has been solicited for November. It's not dead yet...

At the risk of just setting myself up for disappointment, I may pick up a few issues.

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