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The Chimes of Big Ben is an especially interesting episode to watch as it is steeped in McGoohans own personal beliefs: McGoohan was offered the role of James Bond before Sean Connery and turned it down because he disagreed with Bonds morality, most specifically his attitudes toward women.

McGoohan was a Catholic family man and I always found The Chimes of Big Ben noteworthy because because it is the only episode of the Prisoner to address love in anyway, and features Number 6 actually kissing a woman, but if you looked very carefully, he actually kisses her off screen... Meaning McGoohan showed fidelity to his wife even in the roles he portrayed.

seriously, is every episode going to be about the time Number Six tried to escape and then found out he couldn't trust anybody in the final scene

Wait until you see the two episode finale. And some of the "filler" episodes varied on the theme as well.

The Prisoner works a lot better if you hear Number Six as Minder Six and the white balloon as Neil Burnside's massive fucking ego.

Dude, Nina totally wants to watch Tucker fuck Heidi Klum.

I know, right?

shit, I want to watch Tucker fuck Heidi Klum so long as it's like a manga porno & he is whited out.

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