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What did you guys think of that piece of shit pilot "Community", if any of you saw it?

Right here - http://www.factualopinion.com/the_factual_opinion/2009/08/totw_081809.html

I was going to apologize for not getting in a review of the Fringe premiere (still haven't watched it), but I see that multiple episode reviews are okay, so no problems! I can be lazy!

Man, I love that The Office could just coast on formula (like the "Parkour!" opening), but they still do their best to be awkward and uncomfortable as hell. That's the real vibe of the show, and the true legacy of Ricky Gervais' original. I don't think they'll ever have the balls to do some of the stuff he did on Extras though.

One other new show that I considered writing about, but didn't bother: Modern Family. My wife was excited about it, because she thought it looked funny, so we watched it, and it wasn't bad. I definitely laughed a few times. My favorite joke was when the gay couple introduced their adopted Vietnamese baby to the family, saying that her name was Lily, and the brother-in-law said, "Wait, Lily? Won't she have trouble saying that name?" Yes, dumb, but I still laughed.

Wow, Tucker. Wow.

mad men kinda transcends criticizing right now sorry. that episode was way more bad ass than you let on.

I liked last weeks better, it had Don faking being a pussy to get on a cop's good side.

I want Jim and Pam to die a horrible, horrible death.

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