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I look at that Streets of Gotham cover and all I can hear are Sam Elliot, Cher, and Eric Stolz's voices in Mask.

I need to get that Halloween Special. I don't read much DC so it's nice to have my mind-blown by how fucked up their SMeditorial policy is these days ("Make Garth Ennis redundant"). I never like to build up too much of a tolerance. I'd hate to become desensitized to a gem like the Gardner Annual Child Abuse issue.

I didn't even touch the final line of the story, where Ice informs Guy that his Halloween present is a three-way between her, him and a Thought Creation out of his Magic Wishing Ring.

I kept waiting for a Dark Wolverine write-up and it never came (beyond a reference in the Hulk one). You surprised me again, Stone. Bastard.

(Oh, and good job again.)

You could have been WAY meaner to that Brave and the Bold issue.

Yeah, i couldn't think of anything to say about that Dark Wolverine comic, but I also failed to finish reading it. The fight scene was impossible to understand, I agreed with your "why am I confused by a Wolverine comic" reaction to it. But then some lady started talking to some guy on the phone and then something happened in a diner and I just figured, eh, i'd rather tie my shoes or think about meat than spend anymore time reading about Daken, The Dark Wolverine.

That Brave and the Bold comic--yeah, probably. Does J. Michael Straczynski have a terminal illness? All of his comics read like they're produced out of deathbed rantings.

"When I was a lad beets would be red as the mornrise sky, and cost sixpence a tuppence for two!"

After a lifetime of loving Starman, Justice League #38 makes me deeply, deeply concerned about this Starman #81 that's supposedly coming out.

Robinson's new pattern of writing quality is somewhat like my eternally troubled digestive system (or at least since I started reading Crossed):

Every 5th shit or so isn't completely miserable, but everything in between is absolute suffering.

This is the worst analogy of my life. I apologize wholeheartedly for it.

I've realized the only "mainstream" comics I read are the reviews on your blog. I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything in any way.

I was out of the country, so I missed a few weeks, but did you do that Kirkman Haunt comic? That was...odd. It was surprisingly cliche for a Kirkman book, but it still read well. If it's a mini, it's a fail, but if it's a continuing series, I'm sure by issue 7 there will be a change making it readable. Kirkman's never let me down before.

As for the stuff you reviewed today...I don't have anything. It all sounds like the same waste of time writing that pretty much all that stuff is. Are there currently any worthwhile books coming out of Marvel or DC? Anything even remotely close to the quality of the Simpsons Treehouse comic or the Muppet Show?

Whoa, Kenny poses the tough questions. I would say Batman and Robin, when Quitely's drawing it (and hopefully Cameron Stewart and Frazier Irving), although I don't think you're as big a Morrison fan as most. People say The Mighty is good, but I haven't read it. Invincible Iron Man has been pretty good lately, but the art is take it or leave it. Most of Jeff Parker's stuff is up there, especially anything involved with Agents of Atlas. I don't know if any of that is much like Treehouse or Muppets though. Oh yeah, Marvel's Strange Tales is along the same lines as Treehouse (if a bit less "indie"), so you might like that one.

Of course, that's not counting the creator-owned stuff Marvel publishes, or Vertigo. If you want to include those, Criminal is where it's at, and books like Unknown Soldier and Northlanders are pretty great. And if you want to venture outside Marvel/DC, Dark Horse has Beasts of Burden and Image has King City, Underground (Jeff Parker again!) and Chew (although I haven't read the latter, but everybody seems to love it). Yeah, there's good stuff out there if you want to look for it. Or you could just read Pluto.


Pluto is where it's at! You know I loves me some Pluto!

Maybe the Simpsons book and the Muppet Show are me setting the bar too high. But while I was out, I read those plus the new Love & Rockets, the most recent Achewood collection, and the new Amulet book. Then I started thinking - this has *really* been a good year for comics outside the Marvel/DC fare. Then I started to wonder why Marvel & DC can't compete. Is it the bureaucracy from being big corporations? Is it the focus on the short term profit?

I have the Strange Tales books on my nightstand, but I haven't read them yet. I'm looking forward to the Jason story and the Jim Rugg story.

Morrison - you're right, I'm not a fan of his. His creator owned stuff is always a better read for me. His work-for-hire stuff always leaves me scratching my head. I keep hearing Jeff Parker is the second coming of writers, yet I really haven't tried any of his books out yet. I should.

I think Image has *lots* of gems coming out. I'm a huge fan of Kirkman's output. The first King City volume from TokyoPop was awesome so I'm really excited for when Image will start publishing the new stuff. I'm also digging on Savage Dragon, too, just because it's so what you see is what you get and I appreciate Larsen's commitment to damn the torpedoes and just continue doing his own thing.

But anyway, out of the stuff I read, Amulet was the weakest, but it's still really good. My problems with it are the story relies on cliches too often and Kabushi really doesn't like drawing backgrounds. Really, they're just quibbles because his storytelling is sooooo strong.

So, yeah, maybe I just read too much stuff lately that was at least *really* good?

Why doesn't the Flash end the Holocaust? Does he say?

I think it's because his leg is broke and he's too far away.

It could also be because he's a creep.

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man is pretty good.

The Flash was going to end the Holocaust, but everyone in Auschwitz is so brittle that when he tries to rescue them at super-speed they just crumble into bits.

And then he started to feel guilty and kind of nauseous because he was inhaling Holocaust bits. And then he cried for Iris like he always does and then they ran out of pages. And then the ADL got him.

Oh man, I laughed at that, but I feel a little sick, too.

Man Barry Allen is a blond inner city cop AND a scientist, who lets his bad guys hang out together instead of putting them in jail, you know that dude is a holocaust denier.

"When I was your age, we called sandwiches 'Flat Freddy'! And they cost four plantars a bite!"

Chew bores me to death. I just don't see what everyone loves about it.

I love Archie Comics been a fan of it for a long time now. Now that I am married I think that I will pass it on to my children.

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