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You, sir, are an artist.

I appreciate the creativity and the accuracy of what a douchebag writes like, but man, that was literally impossible to get through.

It was worth it, worth it all, just for this:

:::generic "action" television products America defecates out of its strangled rectum:::

Go figure, that was the one that caught my eye too. How Freudian.

Funny, though not enough explicit sex for Houellebecq.

I rather enjoyed that.

"there are few other places in fiction where "the bitch can stay" is considered interesting or dynamic."

Brilliant point.

All the reviews are great, but the Batman review is a work of genius.

That's a really great impression of The Hooded Utilitarian there, Mr. Stone.

Now Chris Jones knows how I feel when I try to read most articles by Ng Suat Tong.

I hope this doesn't inspire another shitty Iggy Pop album.

Tucker Stone as Tucker Max?

Brian, if all pleasantry was not vile inasmuch as it masks the true fecundity of our barbarism, I would no doubt oleaginously thank you for your flattery, save that it is difficult to hear your friendly prattle over the satisfying roar of your festering grandmother's shattering pelvis.

Tucker, this is really lovely. Especially the dog-tipping. And the Kilowog ethnic joke. And the gratuitous Dick jokes. And Batman's pedophiliac harem.

I think that last one's my favorite, actually.

So... Is Berlatsky being a dick or a fanny? I never did the point of whatever he was blathering on about.

Err... *get* the point.

Anyway, I guess this entry would be funnier to me if it didn't remind me of real posts I've seen on the Comicon message boards. As it is, I'm mostly just experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder.

Pointless masculine one-upmanship and obsessive male-male stalking are both dick. Thus we are dicks together, Brian.

You're stalking me. I was just complaining behind your back.

I said all I need to say on your blog. Stop being creepy and obsessive.






didn't want to break this out, it's kind of a game-changer

Yeah, I'm done.



shit, those are tough ones. let's go old school.

step into the a.m.




I didn't want to have to come over here, but http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RswlnIvyL0

Old school? Come on

Daddy says I have a new mommy now



fuck it dude, let's go bowling

Don't you just love the idea that there's a magazine called 'Slut Zone' ?


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