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"it doesn't hold up when one watches it post-death-of-a-parent adulthood. That's what makes trust funds and being a vegan so intensely valuable"

reading the end of that sentence as it transitions into the beginning of the next is like finishing "Fight for Your Right to Party" and flipping the album over to hear "No Sleep Til Brooklyn".

That's a shame about Crumb. I think I've got that on order with Amazon.

Have you ever seen Chester Brown's Gospels? Those looked particularly interesting and I was hoping he'd finish them, but I don't think that's gonna happen.

Rereading "Cain & Abel" in Lego Brick form makes God seem even more of a prick than ever...

I gotcha toilet snake right here, Power Girl! Yeea-heah-heah!

Do you get it?

The joke is that I'm disgusting.

You don't buy Secret Warriors?

Oh man. Oh man.

I was going to launch into a rant about escapism and how people have guilty pleasures, in reference to your Wolverine review. However, a) you've heard it all before, I'm sure and b) I've read your GI Joe review over at Savage Critics, which made me smile, so I realize it's all just codewords for "I really hated this."

Hey! Those stickers are edible!

Holy shit these are some good reviews. There's no such thing as a slow week at The Factual Opinion.

Lugh: the thing about guilty pleasures is that you're guilty about them because they are dumb/stupid/dangerous/lame/awful/whatever.


Reading the fascinating site of the Illustrated Bible I discover it is aimed at kids. If Mr. Nelson wants the kids' attention he needs to get some Gil Kane in there; a bit of motion , a bit of dynamism. When I was a kid I loved that Adam Warlock thing Kane did - Warlock was a bit Jesusy wasn't he? But he fought warthogmen and rode around in speedboats, he was also a bit emo and his Dad was The High Evolutionary...oh. Maybe not.
Or zombies. I hear they are popular with the kids.

That Lego thing is incredible.

Damn your eyes Mr. Stone, I have things to do but I cannot look away from these treasures.

"The part where shit blows up? It blows up real good! "

SCTV reference!!

If you did it by accident, that's okay. It's still funny.

For those who don't know, it's from a John Candy, Joe Flaherty skit.

Second the Chester Brown recommendation.

But... did you just reference David Mitchell, John Barth, Airwolf, and SCTV in one comics review column? Someone did have a tough weekend. But good job, nonetheless.

-I've seen a bit of the Chester Brown stuff, it's nice. I prefer the one at my old dentist's office where Samson is drawn like Conan--i don't know who did that one, but it looks like Alex Toth and Frazetta. The Wolverton Revelations is good stuff.

-nice catch frank.

-secret warriors. that's the one where the kid was in the robot and then he pulled on norman osborn's tie? yeah, i read that. the art isn't very good, but it's fine otherwise. i think i'd rather read hickman's nick fury by itself than hickman's nick fury + other people comic book.

"Rereading "Cain & Abel" in Lego Brick form makes God seem even more of a prick than ever..."

I just like the fact that the origin of the phrase "my brother's keeper" was Cain smarting off to God after killing Abel. Puts Barack Obama speeches in a whole new context, or something.

I refuse to buy anything Hickman didn't draw/ digitally drown himself. It might help if the people marvel keep teaming him up with weren't INSANELY AWFUL.

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