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Fucking hilarious:
"Using Planetary # 27 as cover, War Heroes sneaks onto the shelves a year after the last issue arrived."

Too many dicks on the dance floor.

The reason you hadn't heard about Chewbacca dying on any comics news sites is because it happened in the novels, as did all the other stuff, I assume, like Luke getting married and founding a Jedi school in a Mayan temple (that is, the Rebel base from A New Hope) and Han and Leia having kids and getting old. Man, I used to love those, back when I thought Star Wars was the tits (literally; I was a weird teenager who was probably more interested in Jedis than actual boobs), although I stopped reading them before Chewie died. I only heard about that one secondhand, and what a sad day that was. I poured one on the curb for that hairy motherfucker, and then cried myself to sleep. But then I fantasized about Luke's hot wife (the love of tits had caught up with the love of Star Wars by this time) and everything was okay.

"(literally; I was a weird teenager who was probably more interested in Jedis than actual boobs)"

I refuse to believe this is true for anyone.

I forget the name of the author who wrote the novel where Chewbacca died, but Star Wars fans sent him a gang of death threats after that.

R.A. Salvatore (the drizzt guy) wrote the book where Chewie buys it. By having a moon dropped on him...

Christian abstinence indoctrination can do strange things to a person. Also, yes, most of what I said there was made up.

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