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Damn man, I was hoping for 1 Thing at the top spot. Hokey, but there's an argument for it.

"even finger snaps sound an awful lot like gunshots, or is it the other way around?"

I REALLY like that imagery.

Any list with Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings is an incredible list!! I *love* that group!! A similar sounding group I'm liking a lot is the Noisettes.

Anyway, Paper Planes - the day that album came out, I was singing that song to anyone who would listen to me. As much as I love MIA, which is a *lot*, Diplo was just as important to that song. In my dream world, Diplo and MIA would work together all the time, which kinda happened with Kala, I guess.

My buddy and I were just talking about R. Kelly and the Ignition remix. Our verdict was even though it's an incredible song, he's still creepy.

Gnarls Barkley is such a great duo. I remember when I heard Crazy, I was like - yeah, but can they do it for a whole album? Yeah, they could.

This is a great list so far, Marty, from #100 on. I can't wait to see the top 10!!

Hey, thanks guys. Now's a good time to toss in any predictions for the top 10, if you're into that kind of thing. I'll bet you can get four of them, depending on how much Witzke's on his game. Tucker could probably guess 6.

I don't usually guess right, but I'll try....

I'm going to guess Coldplay will show up, um...The Killers...hopefully the White Stripes...Cut Copy? I know you love them.

I dunno, I'm no good at this game.

I want 1 thing at the top spot as well — but that's a great write up of that song.

She has a new album out someday, if they ever release the damn thing....

I'm really hoping(assuming) something from "The Moon and Antarctica" is going to show up. Probably either "Gravity Rides Everything" or "Paper Thin Walls".

Something by Just Blaze up there? Broken Social Scene (maybe "Almost Crimes" or "7/4 Shoreline", Avalanches, Burial, "I Can't Go To Sleep", LCD Soundsystem, Animal Collective/Panda Bear, "You Are the Generation Who Bought More Shoes", Robyn? At least one of those.

Let's just say I'm very impressed.

I'm also going to take a longshot guess for "No One Knows" by Queens of the Stone Age, but once again: Long shot.

This list is full of songs from groups I like that I overlooked, as well as plenty of new, great stuff. Thanks for compiling it.

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