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I'm gonna post my own list later in this comments thread and it will be SO different.

I agree with your sentiments about Isaac Brock but not necessarily the song choice. Not their greatest, but still one holy hell of a song-one of the first I ever really fell in love with as a kid.

I approve!

Also it'll only be 50 songs.

Later tonight or tomorrow.

Bring it, Jones.

Man, I'm probably gonna look at this in the morning and be like "What sorta dope was this produced from?" but as of right now, here it is, my personal favorite 50 songs of the millennium:

1. Gravity Rides Everything-Modest Mouse
2. Hurt-Johnny Cash
3. Drunken Lullabies-Flogging Molly
4. Fight Test-The Flaming Lips
5. We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed-Los Campesinos!
6. The Grudge-Tool
7. No One Knows-Queens of the Stone Age
8. How I Could Just Kill A Man-Rage Against The Machine
9. Time To Pretend-MGMT
10. Adam’s Murmur-Cynic
11. The Last Baron-Mastodon
12. Do You Want To-Franz Ferdinand
13. Sorrow-Bad Religion
14. Bonafied Lovin’-Chromeo
15. On March The Saints-Down
16. Fake Empire-The National
17. I Woke Up Today-Port O’Brien
18. Little Time Bomb-Kind of Like Spitting
19. Maiden, Mother and Crone-The Sword
20. Atlas-Battles
21. Game Shows Touch Our Lives-The Mountain Goats
22. Little Secrets-Passion Pit
23. Black Betty-Spiderbait
24. Heavy Artillery-Mr. Lif
25. The Wedding Dress-2 Cents
26. Kid On My Shoulders-White Rabbits
27. I’ll Believe In Anything-Wolf Parade
28. For My Next Trick I’ll Need A Volunteer-Warren Zevon
29. Ideoteque-Radiohead
30. Empty Walls-Serj Tankian
31. Ibitsu-Boris
32. D Is For Dangerous-Arctic Monkeys
33. Suite 1: Storm-Godspeed You! Black Emperor
34. Jihad-Slayer
35. Banks of the Deep End-Gov’t Mule
36. Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!-Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
37. Arcarsenal-At The Drive-In
38. Brown Metal-Hella
39. Machine Gun-Portishead
40. Crowd Chant-Joe Satriani
41. Stand and Deliver-Young Knives
42. Real Good Looking Boy-The Who
43. You Make Me Like Charity-The Knife
44. Twilight of the Thunder God-Amon Amarth
45. Tokyoto-The Velvet Teen
46. M79-Vampire Weekend
47. Dateless Losers-Reel Big Fish
48. Stream of Consciousness-Dream Theater
49. Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse-Of Montreal
50. Silver-Ozzy Osbourne

In lieu of any actual analysis, I'd be happy to defend my picks on this list 'til Kingdom Come. One of the reasons I didn't comment a ton on your list, even though I enjoyed reading it, is because we occupy pretty different spheres of influence-yours seems to be indie, electronica and R&B while mine is indie, metal and a little rap. Still, you asked for a list at some point I remember and...well, there it is. Like I said, I'll probably see it tomorrow and be like "What the tits?" but until then, this is it.

Martin, for #1, you misspelled "Big Pimpin'."

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