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I have a theory about DC comics that they really only have 1 or 2 good writers. What they do is stick those one or two writers (in Teen Titans case, Geoff Johns) on the book and get people nice and excited about the book and its characters. Then when the writer gets excited about another character or idea, they go off and do that book. This leaves an inferior writer to try and fill shoes that they don't have the capabilities to fill, and thus the book gradually loses readers and interest until DC has to do a major retooling of the book and introduce a writer people are excited about again (restarting the process). Just look at the Flash and how fast it became unreadable after Johns left.

People like to argue about Geoff Johns writing, but those people have to admit that DC sells the books that he writes very well.

So basically you picked a bad time to pick up Teen Titans.

There's a good time to pick up Teen Titans? It's been lousy for years.

Gail Simone, Tony Bedard, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, , Peter Tomasi, and Paul Dini, Matt Sturges are all good writers and they're exclusive to DC.

"Hey - does Cass resemble Batgirl/Stephanie/Spoiler or is it just me? Or is it just Britney I see?"

Its not just you...


I love that image. Should've showed it to Nina before.

Jetka, the tactic of hooking you with a great writer and/or artist and then switching out one or both for someone less talented is not exclusive to DC. Just sayin'.

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