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I dunno. Dr. Greene totally killed a guy on ER one time and they never really bothered about it ever again.

I wouldn't say it's the crazy motherly hormonal stuff that made Echo go nuts-- that's just Ballard's excuse to throw the others off the trail. Echo's clearly turning into another Alpha-- but! because she's a Strong Joss Whedon Woman, she will turn the composite event into a positive force, as seen in Omega.

November showing up wasn't too useful, but I did like the contrast between her-- the "real" person unable to mourn the loss of her child-- and Echo, the "fake" person who can mourn when she loses a kid that's not even really hers.

Now that I think about it, Kovac totally killed a guy on ER, too. Like, totally.

I watch a lot of ER.

Hmm, maybe Bill Reed should be writing these things...

My girlfriend likes Dexter but it looks stupid to me. I asked her once, how does Dexter kill people? She said he covers a room in plastic and stabs them until they die. So I asked - what else? What kind of sexual mutilation does he perform? Is there cannibalism? Is there rape before or after the murder? What kind of torture does he practice? How long does he like to watch his victims die? She shrugged and said no to all the above. I asked, who does he kill? Small children? Single women? She said "bad people", crooks, mostly. I laughed. That's not a serial killer, that's a vigilante. What the hell is interesting about a vigilante with a secret identity? It's like the Punisher if he remarried and his killing crooks thing were turned into some Three's Company-esque secret.

Now, I've had an idea for a show in my back pocket for some time - sort of like "The Fugitive" or "Hulk" or "The Pretender", in that it's a show following a dude as he travels across the country, going to a new town and a new situation ever week. Only this man is a serial killer. Every week we watch him ingratiate himself into his environment, pick a victim, and single-mindedly hunt, torture and kill them. Part of the fun is tuning in to see who he kills on any given week. Is it the perky co-ed? Is it the sweet Downs-syndrome man living with his elderly grandmother? Is it the grandmother whose death will emotionally destroy the Downs-syndrome man? Is it a smiling three-year old? Is it an asshole gas station owner? The possibilities are endless. The only rules are that the killer has to do it differently every week, so no one figures out there is any connection to the random string of killings being left across the country.

It would be real Must See TV!

I think Mr. O'Neil might want to think about upping his meds...

Tim, I really, really like the idea that your girlfriend uses the word "crooks".

Sheen and I have seen all the sons episodes

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